How to Return to Evermist Island in Sea of Stars

Visit your hometown once more in Sea of Stars!

by Marc Magrini
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When beginning their journey in Sea of Stars, players will start out on a quaint island where they learn their purpose. This island holds some special secrets for those diligent enough to check, but once they leave the location, it will be difficult to come back. Players will be stuck without a path back to their hometown for some time. Luckily, it’s still possible to return to Evermist Island later on in Sea of Stars.

When can Players Return to Evermist Island in Sea of Stars?

When leaving Evermist Island, players will be launched far from their town through the air. As part of the game’s story, the party members will be left without knowledge of how to return. They’ll only gain this knowledge much later on, after reaching the town of Mirth. There are quite a few story events that occur before this happens, such as the battle against the Dweller of Woe, so you’ll have to be sure you’re well-prepared for whatever comes next.

Upon obtaining the information you need, you’ll be directed back to Evermist Island to gain a new power in a previously-locked shrine. The only way there is to go down the same path you came from, which means climbing up the waterfalls and mountains you were launched to back at the start of the game. Once you’re at the top, speak to the giant and you’ll be able to get yourself launched once more, returning to the island without much more hassle.

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Once you reach the island, you’ll have access to numerous familiar locations, including the nearby fishing spot. If you access the shrine nearby, you’ll finally be able to enter it and collect a new skill for your characters to use in battle. Doing this will also create a path out of the island, allowing you to sail to and from it whenever you want. Persevere through the climb back to Evermist Island and returning to it again will be an extremely easy feat!

- This article was updated on August 29th, 2023

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