Where to Get the Quest Yorn The Final Report in Lost Ark

Add Boss Rush mode to your endgame content

by Christian Bognar


Lost Ark has some quests that can seem to go on forever. The Final Report is crucial as it is the final mission that blocks all the great endgame features the game offers. If you are having trouble locating this quest, look no further, as we will walk you through where to find this quest and how to get it done step by step.

How to Beat The Final Report in Lost Ark


Being one of the final story quests in the game, The Final Report is the last step to complete before really getting into the endgame content. The first fact you should know is that it is required for players to be at least item level 600 to access The Final Report. If you don’t meet that requirement, grind as much as you can until you reach this level accordingly.

Yorn’s story starts when the “Yorn’s Cradle” quest is activated. Play through this and progress the main story by following all map markers and waypoints. Finally, make it to the necessary waypoint, return to The Great Castle, and speak with Kaysarr, who was introduced earlier in the game.

Endgame Content

That’s the end of The Final Report! Pretty simple right? Once that is taken care of, you can access the Boss Rush mode, which is a lot of fun and grants you great rewards, such as powerful gems for your character. These endgame features will allow you to increase damage output and reduce your skills’ cooldown, making for an authentic overpowered endgame experience. Make sure to check out the auction house, where you will now be able to purchase the higher-leveled weapons as well.

Keep in mind the number of times players are allowed to access the Boss Rush mode is limited, considering it is locked behind tickets that are only available a certain amount per week. So take your time with it, so the time between ticket availability doesn’t feel so long!

Lost Ark is available on PC.

- This article was updated on October 18th, 2022

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