Best Planets to Harvest Helium-3 (He-3) in Starfield

Here's how and where you can harvest Helium-3 (He-3) in Starfield!

by J.R. Waugh , Thomas Cunliffe
Starfield Where to Harvest Helium-3 He-3
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Helium-3 is a relatively common source of fuel, also known as He-3 in Starfield. It’s necessary for all sorts of things and is a common topic in the game’s world. However, extracting and harvesting this resource can be tricky for players used to simply using the cutter to farm materials. While this is a potentially riskier resource to get in the game, you’ll find it has immense uses, including powering your outposts. Here’s where to harvest Helium-3 (He-3) in Starfield!

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How Can You Extract and Harvest Helium-3 (He-3) in Starfield?

Helium-3 can be harvested by either walking up to gas vents where the He-3 lights up on your scanner and pressing ‘E’ or ‘A’ or by using an outpost Helium-3 Extractor. The former option is riskier, and you’ll more commonly contract lung damage, but you can’t argue with how quickly you get it in your hands. For the long game, though, the extractor is the far better route.

  • Starfield-Where-to-Harvest-Helium-3-He-3-Gas-Vents
  • Starfield-Where-to-Harvest-Helium-3-He-3-Outpost

The Extractor – Helium-3 costs the following to craft at your outpost and begin to harvest in Starfield:

  • Nickel x4
  • Copper x3
  • Aluminum x5

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All of which are common resources you can mine or purchase across the galaxy. Beyond that, you’ll need to power this extractor, and then you’ll be able to tap the He-3 resource!

Where Can You Extract and Harvest Helium-3 (He-3) in Starfield?

When you’re about to land on a planet, open the planet map and hit ‘R’ or ‘LB’ to show resources. For best results, land on a temperate planet like Antharum (in Akila’s orbit), and you’ll find gas vents and land that shows a green hue under your scanner where you can use your outpost extractor.

We’ve had the most luck finding Helium-3 on the following planets:

  • Kurtz (Moon of Jemison) — Alpha Centauri System
  • Curbeam (Moon of Bondar) — Alpha Centauri System
  • Ananke — Olympus System
  • Antharum (Moon of Akila) — Cheyenne System
  • Luna (Moon of Earth) — Sol System
  • Mercury — Sol System
  • Arcturus I — Arcturus System
  • Linnaeus IV-b (Moon of Linnaeus IV) — Linnaeus System
  • Starfield-Where-to-Harvest-Helium-3-He-3-Planet-Map
  • Starfield-Where-to-Harvest-Helium-3-He-3-Scanner

This is your best bet in ensuring you get lots of sustainable He-3, which you can use to fuel generators even on planets where wind or solar power isn’t an option!

If you need Helium-3 as soon as possible, make sure to check Jemison Mercantile and the UC Distribution Center on New Atlantis. While not 100% guaranteed, these shops both stock He-3 from time to time. Remember, you can always use wait 24-48 hours to refresh a vendor’s stock.

This guide was written while playing Starfield on PC and Xbox Series X.

- This article was updated on September 18th, 2023

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