Which Difficulty Should You Choose in Terraria

Are you wondering what difficulty to select?

by Gordon Bicker


Terraria has a lot of difficulty settings and these are different for both character difficulty and the world difficulty so there is a lot to navigate and understand in order to select difficulty settings that reflect what you are looking for from the experience. While you’re adventuring through the world with your chosen texture pack you will want to make sure that the difficulty also matches the overall feel that you’re wanting. This guide article will take you through everything you need to know about each setting and allow you to work out what will be the best Terraria difficulty setting for you.

Choosing the Best Terraria Difficulty Settings for You

There are many difficulty settings to choose from and the tables below will separate both sections of difficulty for you to have a look through and work out what mode is the best for you for either your character or world mode.

Character difficulty settings:

Character Difficulty Setting Name Information
Journey This mode will give the player the ability to change difficulty when they want to and also will give players extra items and tools. Godmode is one of them and they can even duplicate items. Further, you will be able to change the weather among other things. This mode is ideal for someone who wants a much easier experience.
Classic (Normal) Classic mode is the intended standard mode for Terraria. You will not drop items upon death although you will lose some of your money. This mode is perfect for those who want a normal experience at first in any game that they play.
Mediumcore Mediumcore characters get things spiced up a bit by losing items upon death. This is of course similar to Minecraft survival mode and there are many links to that mode with this character difficulty setting. Items can also be collected by other players in multiplayer mode when you do drop them upon death so this mode is a nice mix of classic and something tougher at the same time.
Hardcore Hardcore characters get the brutal experience as when the character dies they will be dead permanently in the world and may only observe that world as a ghost afterward. It is a much tougher experience for players so this mode is ideal if you are looking for a challenge.

World difficulty settings:

World Difficulty Setting Name Information
Journey As with the Character Journey mode this is effectively the same setting and you will likely want to ensure you select Journey mode for your world option if you chose it for your character.
Classic (Normal) The Classic mode for the world is simply the normal world mode for the experience.
Expert This mode will have much tougher enemies awaiting players with higher stats and altered AI Patterns. They will be the same enemies but the stats will be raised so it will put pressure on the player for having higher quality gear ready but it will be an extremely fun experience. Along with this, loot drops will be much more frequent in this mode.
Master The Master mode will put all of your skills to the test as the world will be a more difficult version of the expert mode. Enemies have increased health and damage although players will also get two new drops from each boss and also will even get an extra accessory slot. If you are looking for the toughest difficulty available, combining this with the hardcore character mode will give you that experience.

As can be observed there certainly is a lot of great difficulty settings to choose from and when you have made your selection you will be able to hop into the thriving world of Terraria and experience everything that it has to offer you!

Terraria is available now and can be played on PlayStation 5, PlayStation4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, Google Stadia, IOS, and PC.

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