Best Minecraft Island Seeds(August 2022)

It's the great Minecraft Island extravaganza!

by Gordon Bicker


Minecraft always has exciting new adventures awaiting everyone and many people are finding exciting world seeds to utilize that have incredible landscapes awaiting them. While players have been playing through the latest update and enjoying everything that it offers, there certainly is time for some world exploring alongside the main content. This article will give you details of some of the best Minecraft island seeds for you to explore. You could even craft the new boat with a chest for your adventures on these islands.

Best Minecraft Island Seeds

There are an immense number of seeds that you could input into Minecraft, the number would not just be in the billions, it would be in the double-digit quintillions. That’s a whole lot of numbers, and a whole lot of island seed possibilities scattered throughout. If you’re simply wanting to get a quick seed for a known great Island experience world then this table will list everything you need to know about the seed and the world itself.

Seed (Java Edition) Information
-9130788887503251562 This seed is known as the Classic Minecraft island survival experience! You will be spawned within a beach biome and you can enjoy hunting around the coastal areas for food and survival resources. If you are wanting to fully get the island survival vibe, this will be the seed for you!
-8344997874068592354 If you are looking to have a sand-filled journey across an island then this seed will have you covered. It will spawn you on an entire island of sand which can be extremely fun for survival mode to try and survive on if you are planning to do that. There are surrounding islands in the distance and the ocean also has a lot of resources for you around this sand island.
6483902909928 This seed I like to call the island of frost. Although not an island in the traditional sense, when you exit the cave that you spawn in (if you spawn there), you will be able to see ice pillars in the distance separated by water. Surrounding the area of ice is other parts of the world but if you are wanting to craft the ice pillar area into your own island survival area you can certainly do that. There is a lot of water around the area and furthermore, snow biomes are in vast abundance around this island.
993590920 This seed is ideal for those who like a lot of biomes in one area and the island is full of great discoveries to be made and resources to gather. Time to get your adventuring shoes on for this island.
2607133457590840792 Glitches and an ‘island’ survival? Perfect! This seed will have you spawning within the actual ocean which can be quite the challenge to survive within but it certainly will keep you busy and is an experience that you won’t want to miss out on. There are not any islands nearby as the island itself could be classed as being fully underwater and you can work to survive within the sea.

As shown above, there are a lot of great island seeds for you to thoroughly adventure through. It’s now time to get enjoying everything that these great worlds have in store for you! Go and have fun across these islands and make your presence known in each world.

Minecraft is available now and playable on the platforms of PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile devices.

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