Who is the Strongest Gym Leader in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet?

Make sure you're ready for the challenge!

by Shaun Cichacki

As trainers continue their Pokemon journey across the Paldea Region, there are plenty of activities to lose themselves in. However, they will need to continue growing stronger so they can challenge a plethora of powerful trainers and villains. While gamers may be able to break the mold and branch out on one of three different paths, those looking for a familiar feeling will instantly gravitate towards Gym leaders as their first Treasure Hunt path.

Trainers will need to power their Pokemon up a fair amount before challenging many of the trainers in this game, but the Gym Leaders pack an extra punch this time around. One, in particular, may give players some frustrations, especially with Terra types to amp up the tension. Stop at your local PokeCenter to stock up on recovery items, this Gym Leader is more than happy to shred you up before getting back to what they love doing.

Which Gym Leader Should You Face Last in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?


For up-and-coming trainers, the last Gym Leader that you should face off against is going to be Grusha. While he may depend primarily on Ice-type monsters, there are a few surprises in his arsenal that can send you spiraling down the slope you came up from. His ice-cold demeanor means that you will get no sympathy if you crash and burn, so gamers will need to prepare for a battle they won’t soon forget when coming up against this former professional snowboarder.

While your first thought would be to gather up as many Fire, Rock, Steel, and Fighting-type Pokemon, make sure that you have a fairly varied team. There are a few surprises in store for Trainers this time around, as each of the Gym Leaders will offer a bit more of a challenge than in most other Pokemon titles. While trainer battles may not scale with your level, being able to tackle these gyms in any order can help inflate the challenge to any degree.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now on Nintendo Switch.