Why is Flutter Mane From Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Banned in Pokemon Showdown?

Were you planning to play with Flutter Mane competitively?

by Gordon Bicker

Pokemon Showdown is a fan-made game and many players have been hearing about the ban of a particular Paradox Pokemon in Gen 9. Named Flutter Mane from Pokemon Scarlet, this Pokemon’s ban has caused a lot of community discussion about the matter While others have been busy enjoying the official game by learning where to catch other Pokemon such as Rotom, some have been playing more of Pokemon Showdown. This article will take you through all the details about why Flutter Mane from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet was banned in the fan-made game.

Reason for Flutter Mane Being Banned in Pokemon Showdown

First of all, Flutter Mane isn’t banned fully from Pokemon Showdown. It is banned on the Scarlet and Violet ‘Overused’ ladder for competitive play. This is because of its overpowered nature and it, therefore, was decided that Flutter Mane would be banned immediately to allow for fairer matches overall.

As such, this means that if you regularly used Flutter Mane after its release in this ladder you will need to work out a new strategy going forward with different Pokemon. Nonetheless, it is interesting that the team banned a Pokemon just a few days after the implementation of them into Pokemon Showdown.

Does Pokemon Showdown Link to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

No, Pokemon Showdown does not have any official ties to any of the Pokemon games whatsoever. The game claims all Pokemon rights are reserved under “fair use” in the description underneath the developer-made trailer. Although it should be noted that there is absolutely no official connection with The Pokemon Company. However, the game has a large number of players and earlier today we noticed the number of users online on one server was 22,000 which is quite a lot of people playing a fan-made game.

There is a thriving community that follows Pokemon Showdown and it is clear to see this all the time when looking across relevant player forums. Just like many players are wondering when Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be patched, others are focused on how these bans will change up their gameplay in the Scarlet and Violet Overused Ladder.

Pokemon Showdown can be played on the internet at this very moment.

- This article was updated on November 21st, 2022

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