Why is Vince McMahon in WWE 2K23 – Controversy, Explained

Why is Vince McMahon still in WWE 2K23, despite leaving the company?

by Shaun Cichacki
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

No matter if you’ve been in the ring or not, you’ve likely heard of Vince McMahon. The subject of many internet memes, and also Wrestling Legend, it’s surprising to see him make an appearance in WWE 2K23, due to the recent controversy that has surrounded him and put a bit of tarnish on his impressive legacy. Fans may be wondering why he is still involved in the game, even if his involvement with the WWE has been taken to a minimum, and if he may be removed in a future update.

Why Did McMahon Leave WWE?

Warning: Mentions of Sexual Misconduct/Sexual Abuse

In April 2022, it was brought to light that McMahon paid a former employee of the WWE Company a hefty sum of $3,000,000 to keep silent about an alleged affair between the two of them. This opened up an investigation that revealed more cases that never came to light, and sums of a reported $12,000,000 in Hush Money to keep other cases from coming forward.

After this, Vince McMahon announced his retirement from the WWE on July 22, 2022, leaving a large stain on an otherwise memorable character in the franchise. This led many fans to hold a large pool of resentment toward McMahon and the actions he took, but his return to the WWE in January 2023 raised even more eyebrows.

This return was slated as McMahon trying to find a new buyer for the WWE Franchise and has taken a back seat, compared to being in the spotlight as he normally was.

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So, Why Is Mr. McMahon A Playable Character In WWE 2K23?

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

In a hopeful world, maybe Mr. McMahon was left in the game so we could pummel the snot out of him for being a terrible human being. But, in a more realistic sense, he is likely still in the game due to time constraints. These titles are in development for longer than most would think, and they may not have had the time to remove him from the roster.

There is a chance that we could see Vince’s removal from the game in a future update, but only time will tell if that is the case with this situation, as his contributions to the company have made it what it is today. Other wrestlers have been involved in controversy, such as Hulk Hogan, and they are still available to use in WWE 2K23.

Only time will tell if they plan on removing McMahon from this release, but until then, feel free to unleash a few piledrivers on him for good measure, as his time may be limited for now.

- This article was updated on March 15th, 2023