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Will Elden Ring Have PvP?

Back to the good old times; anyone hear 'Take on me' in the background...?

by Gordon Bicker


Elden Ring is set to release early next year and many hyped fans are sitting at the sidelines waiting for their opportunity to try it out. Players of Fromsoftware games will know that the multiplayer components have always been a staple of the Dark Souls franchise and Bloodborne. Elden Ring will be no different, offering players a way to join up with their chosen partners to traverse the world together, however, details of what the co-op will allow for fully are still to be released. However, it is unclear if there will be PvP.

The Co-Op Details That Are Confirmed So Far

As of the time of writing, a blog post, a trailer, and a press release is the main official information that we have to run from to work out if PvP will be a feature or not. Within the press release, the paragraph that confirmed multiplayer of some kind was:

Traverse the breathtaking world on foot or on horseback, alone or online with other players, and fully immerse yourself in the grassy plains, suffocating swamps, spiraling mountains, foreboding castles and other sites of grandeur on a scale never seen before in a FromSoftware title.

Given that there was no mention of being restricted to certain areas with other online players, it may be likely that players are given more freedom to explore the world in co-op with less back and forth for trying to join each other’s worlds. This is merely speculation at this point though.

Within the press release, it was seen to mention that there would be “up to four players” co-op. I feel a flashback to the original Dark Souls Era appearing…

Elden Ring PvP Details

Fans of competitive multiplayer combat in the regular FromSoftware fashion may not be left in the water without anything, however. A leaker by the name of ‘Omnipotent’ had mentioned on ‘ResetEra‘, that “PvP/Online Stuff is in”. Given that this is just another rumour, nothing is confirmed yet.

If there was indeed PvP, the question would remain of what it would actually look like? On hypothetical grounds for discussion, during the remainder of this article, we will take the presumption that PvP is featured in the experience.

Elden Ring PvP would more than likely follow the same core principles of other game’s PvP from the studio. Notably, players are able to invade other people’s worlds and create chaos for the player on the defending side while the invader is set on gaining new ‘souls’ and other loot while simply looking for a good ole’ battle with another player.

In order to take part in PvP, players would have to find and/or use an item first to begin invading any player, and this would likely be the same in Elden Ring.

Long Live The Elden Ring Hype

Elden Ring is an experience that the majority of the gaming community is greatly anticipating for its hyped trailers, stories, and, moreover, lore lovers have been creating a plethora of posts all over the internet about what they are expecting from the latest FromSoftware title.

Elden Ring is set to release on the 21st of January 2022 for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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