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Wolfenstein: Youngblood How to Play Online With Friends

You can either host a room or join others online.


One of the major selling points of the new Wolfenstein Youngblood is the ability to play with others online for a cooperative game.  While you can opt to play with random players online, you can also invite your friends to play cooperative as well.

To do this, you’ll head to the “Play Game” option on the main menu and then select which option you want to do.  To play with your friends you’ll want to use either the host game or join game options.  When choosing “Host Game” you’ll be able to choose whether you want anyone from the online network to join you or you can use the “Invite” option to send an invitation to a friend to play.

To invite your friends, select Invite from this screen and and it will bring up your friends list.  Select the friend you want to invite to your game.  If you already have other friends playing the game and you want to join their game, you can choose the “Join Game” option.  Clicking Join Game will bring up a menu with a list of your friends playing Wolfenstein: Youngblood.  Click on their name and then select to join their game to play with them in cooperative.

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