WoW Classic Season of Discovery Cooking Leveling Guide 1-300

Don't quest on an empty stomach!

by Thomas Cunliffe
An orc cook in Orgrimmar in World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery

Whether you’re a caster or a melee class like myself, you’re likely chowing down on a meal between every few mobs while playing WoW Classic: Season of Discovery. Rather than spending a fortune at vendors or the Auction House, improving your Cooking skill will save you time and money.

While Cooking is primarily the same in SoD as it was in regular Classic, there are a few new recipes that make leveling the profession easier and more worthwhile. This guide covers the best way to level cooking from 1 to 300 in World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery. Order up!

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Best Ways to Level Cooking in World of Warcraft Classic: SoD

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Cooking 1 – 50

The early stages of Classic WoW Cooking largely revolve around using the meat naturally obtained from mobs in early leveling zones. If you’re also leveling Fishing, using the Raw Brilliant Smallfish and Raw Slitherskin Mackeral you catch is a brilliant way to feed two birds with one scone.

If wolves are in your starting zone, Spiced Wolf Meat is the best recipe for those ignoring Fishing. Because they’re required for a specific Waylaid Supplies crate, Spiced Wolf Meat will sell for decent change at the Auction House.

Make around 55 – 60 of any combination of the below recipes:

ItemIngredientsRecipe Location
Spiced Wolf MeatStringy Wolf Meat
Mild Spices
Cooking Trainer (Requires 10 Skill)
Charred Wolf MeatChunk of Boar MeatCooking Trainer
Roasted Boar MeatChunk of Boar MeatCooking Trainer
Slitherskin MackerelRaw Slitherskin MackerelFishing Supplies Vendors
Brilliant SmallfishRaw Brilliant SmallfishFishing Supplies Vendors (+ others)
Kaldorei Spider Kabob
(Night Elves)
Small Spider LegRecipe of the Kaldorei quest
Crispy Bat Wing
Meaty Bat WingAbigail Shiel in Tirisfal Glades
Socrpid Surprise
(Horde only)
Scorpid StringerGrimtak in Razor Hill

Journeyman Cooking 50 – 100

Once you reach 50 Cooking, talk to your Trainer to learn Journeyman Cooking. As you level, look for bears, crawlers, and coyotes for their meat. Remember to open clams dropped by aquatic mobs like Naga in Ashenvale for Clam Meat.

For anglers, you need to catch Longjaw Mud Snappers and Rainbow Fin Albacore. On my server, Longjaw Mud Snappers were incredibly cheap on the Auction House and saved me a lot of time. Make sure to always check fish prices!

Cook around 55 – 75 of any combination of the below recipes:

ItemIngredientsRecipe Location
Smoked Bear MeatBear MeatDrac Roughcut (Alliance)
Andrew Hilbert (Horde)
Coyote SteakCoyote MeatCooking Trainer
Boiled ClamsClam Meat
Refreshing Spring Water
Cooking Trainer
Crab CakeCrawler Meat
Mild Spices
Cooking Trainer
Cooked Crab ClawCrawler Claw
Mild Spices
Rare drop or purchased from Kendor Kabonka in Stormwind
Longjaw Mud SnapperRaw Longjaw Mud SnapperFishing Supplies (+ others)
Rainbow Fin AlbacoreRaw Rainbow Fin AlbacoreFishing Supplies (+ others)

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Journeyman Cooking 100 – 150

The max Skill Level for Cooking in Season of Discovery is 150. Combined with the Level 25 cap, the typical recipes used for leveling in WoW Classic are either unavailable or inefficient.

If fish are cheap on your server or you’re leveling Fishing, Bristle Whisker Catfish is another fantastic recipe to level Cooking with. From 130 onward, Curiously Tasty Omelet can take you to the last few points you need.

Cook any of the following recipes from 100 – 150:

ItemIngredientsRecipe Location
Dry Pork RibsBoar Ribs
Mild Spices
Cooking Trainer
Crab Cake
(Up to 130)
Crawler Meat
Mild Spices
Cooking Trainer
Dig Rat Stew
(Up to 130, Horde only)
Dig RatDig Rat Stew quest
Seasoned Wolf Kabob
(Alliance only)
2x Lean Wolf Flank
Stormwind Seasoning Herbs
Seasoned Wolf Kabob quest OR Kendor Kabonka in Stormwind
Hot Lion Chops
(Horde only)
Lion Meat
Hot Spices
Zargh at the Crossroads
Curiously Tasty Omelet
Raptor Egg
Hot Spices
Ormer’s Revenge quest (Alliance only) OR purchased from Keena in Arathi, Nerrist in Stranglethorn, or Kendor Kabonka in Stormwind
Bristle Whisker CatfishRaw Bristle Whisker CatfishFishing Supplies (+ others)

Best Cooking Recipes in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

FoodIngredientsEffectRequired SkillRecipe Location
Heavy Crocolisk Stew2x Tender Crocolisk Meat
Soothing Spices
+8 Stamina and Spirit buff (15 mins)150Neutral Auction House (Alliance)

Ogg’marr in Dustwallow Marsh (Horde)
Thistle Tea
(Rogue only)
Refreshing Sprint Water
Instantly restores 100 energy60Klaven’s Tower quest (Alliance)

Mission: Possible But Not Probable quest
Smoked SagefishRaw Sagefish
Mild Spices
Gain 3 Mana every 5 seconds (15 mins)80Cooking Supplies Vendors

The best food for many classes in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery is Heavy Crocolisk Stew, which gives the player an 8 Stamina and Spirit buff for 15 minutes. Unfortunately, this recipe is only sold by a Horde vendor in Dustwallow Marsh. If you’re Alliance, better hope a member of the Horde has listed one on the Neutral Action House.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Thistle Tea will be familiar to all Rogues who have previously played Classic WoW. As a class-exclusive recipe, Thistle Tea instantly restores Energy when drunk. The Energy restored will reduce as you level up in future phases, so use this while you can!

Smoked Sagefish is the best fish recipe in the first phase of Season of Discovery due to its mana recovery. For plain ‘ol health regeneration, you can stock up on Bristle Whisker Catfish from earlier.

Be sure to check back in future phases to continue your World of Warcraft Classic Cooking journey! For now, check out our tag page for more Season of Discovery articles.

This guide was written while playing World of Warcraft Classic on PC.

- This article was updated on December 31st, 2023

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