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Xenoblade Chronicles Affinity Coins – How to Get Them and What They’re Used For

What do Affinity Coins do?

by Diego Perez


Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition lets you set Skill Links to share useful skills between characters, but Skill Links have a few prerequisites before you can set them. They require a certain Affinity level between the characters you’re planning to share skill between, but they also require a currency called Affinity Coins. Even though they share a similar name with the Affinity system, Affinity Coins are their own thing entirely and are solely for Skill Links. That being said, the method of obtaining them is not made clear in game, which is unfortunate considering how essential they are when it comes to the Skill Link system. This is everything you need to know about Affinity Coins in Xenoblade Chronicles, including where to find them and the best ways to farm them.

What Are Affinity Coins in Xenoblade Chronicles

Affinity Coins are a currency that allow you to share skills between characters using the Skill Link system. Setting a Skill Link costs a certain number of Affinity Coins, denoted by the Coin Cost number under the skill description. The later slots on a skill tree tend to cost more Affinity Coins to fill. While it might not be immediately apparent due to their name, Affinity Coins are not lost when they are spent. If you unlink a skill, you’ll get the Affinity Coins back, so don’t be afraid to experiment with whatever Skill Links you want.

How to Get More Affinity Coins

There are two ways to get Affinity Coins in Xenoblade Chronicles. Each time a character levels up, they gain an Affinity Coin. Also, defeating a unique monster for the first time will reward one Affinity Coin. These are the only methods of obtaining Affinity Coins in Xenoblade Chronicles. You should earn a decent amount simply by leveling up your party members, but defeating any unique monsters you come across will give you a nice Affinity Coin bonus.

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