Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Chapter List – How Many Chapters Are in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition?

How long is Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition?

by Diego Perez

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is available now, bringing the fan-favorite Wii RPG to the Nintendo Switch with a modern facelift and all-new content. Like most RPGs, Xenoblade Chronicles is a very long game, and the Definitive Edition adds an entire epilogue on top of the already lengthy main story. The Xenoblade Chronicles story is split into several chapters, although the initial release of the game didn’t really tell you what chapter you were on unless you really looked for it. Now, the Nintendo Switch version has fully embraced the chapter model, telling you exactly what chapter you’re on every time you save.

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The chapters aren’t named in-game, but the Japan-exclusive “Xenoblade: The Complete Guide” gives each one a title. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition adds a new bonus epilogue chapter titled Future Connected, although that is separate from the main story and isn’t a numbered chapter. If you haven’t finished Xenoblade Chronicles, the chapter names below contain spoilers. This is how many chapters are in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition.

Xenoblade Chronicles Full Chapter List

There are 17 total chapters in Xenoblade Chronicles, and each of them is listed below.

  • Prologue: “Staying gives us the chance to change our destinies”
  • Chapter 1: “I made something really special today”
  • Chapter 2: “Now it’s our turn to repay them!”
  • Chapter 3: “The Monado will grow with you”
  • Chapter 4: “We’re heading there ourselves”
  • Chapter 5: “Promise that you’ll meet us outside the colony”
  • Chapter 6: “He’s gonna pay for what he did to Fiora”
  • Chapter 7: “Meet this year’s legendary Heropon, Riki!”
  • Chapter 8: “Melia Antiqua”
  • Chapter 9: “I am Zanza”
  • Chapter 10: “Leader of Mechonis and agent of Meyneth”
  • Chapter 11: “Can ya kill ’em all?”
  • Chapter 12: “Welcome back, Fiora”
  • Chapter 13: “This world is in disarray”
  • Chapter 14: “Everyone loved you”
  • Chapter 15: “You shouldn’t have done that”
  • Chapter 16: “This is the passage of fate!”
  • Chapter 17: “I was here at the beginning, and I will proclaim the end”
  • Epilogue: Future Connected


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