Berserk Chapter 374 Leaks, Raw Scans and Spoilers: A Familiar Face Returns Among the Kushans

Here you'll find leaks that suggest a flood of possibilities for our tortured heroes!

by J.R. Waugh
Berserk Chapter 374 Leaks Raw Scans Spoilers
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It’s been months since our last morsel of Berserk, and we are starving. One of the best manga ever to be printed has had a tumultuous time in the past several years, but we’re finally entering a new era with a brand-new story arc. With the Fantasia Arc closing on some pretty grim notes characteristic of the series, fans were hoping to see a glimmer of hope. What brighter an answer could they get than in the form of Berserk Chapter 374 leaks, where Rickert returns?

Berserk Chapter 374 Leaks and Raw Scans Surface Showing Rickert in Kushan Gear

That’s right: leaks for Berserk Chapter 374 are showing up, meaning 1: it’s real and HAPPENING, and 2: Rickert has returned! It surfaces thanks to panels shared by trusted leakers such as xDonutw indicating 22 pages of content including an attempted capture of Guts in his weakened state by the Kushans.

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On the final page, you see Rickert in Kushan armor among the soldiers with a concerned look on his face while they presumably keep Guts captive in chains.

Despite a crew of men surrounding him in his vulnerable state, you can imagine this won’t go their way for too long. Speculation and excitement are understandably high among the readers, with claims that this could signal Guts and the Kushans seeing Griffith as a common enemy. This includes beliefs that there could be a training arc, or the use of Daiba’s magic to tip the scales.

With the chapter just around a day away from releasing in Japan, this is the most exciting possible way to jumpstart public discourse on Seinen’s crown jewel.

His last notable present-day appearances included blasting Rakshas, an apostle, to smithereens in Chapter 341 and even telling off Griffith himself. He has slapped one of the greatest villains in manga across the face and lived to tell the tale, single-handedly proving that the Falcon of Light was vulnerable to physical harm. Rickert is possibly the coolest unlikely hero in Berserk.

What’s the Big Deal About Rickert Returning?

He’s also a brilliant engineer who supplied Guts with many of his iconic auxiliary weapons including his cannon arm, and he’s likely picked up a lot from his time with the Kushans. Rickert, in a lot of ways, is the cavalry Guts needs.

- This article was updated on September 20th, 2023

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