Blue Lock Chapter 240 Leaks and Spoilers Show Isagi’s Place Among the Player Rankings

Is everybody happy with the rankings?

by J.R. Waugh

Blue Lock is seeing its status quo evolve as chapters pass. Yoichi Isagi is making an impressive show of his abilities, with his latest performance netting the team a win. But as the leaks for Blue Lock Chapter 240 show the new rankings, Isagi still has some climbing to do.

Blue Lock Chapter 240 Leaks Show Isagi Close to the Top of the Rankings

According to the latest leaks, courtesy of Rayuga on Twitter, Blue Lock Chapter 240 has revealed the latest updates on rankings for the series, with Isagi at #2.

The top 23 will represent Japan in the U20 World Cup, and the rankings are as follows:

Blue Lock CharacterPositionRankingBid Price
Nijiro NanaseForward29¥3,000,000
Junichi WanimaForward28¥4,000,000
Gen Fukaku
Reiji Hiiragi
Kazuma NioCenter Back25¥6,000,000
Zantetsu TsurugiForward24¥8,000,000
Aoshi TokimitsuForward23¥10,000,000
Haru HayateDefensive Midfielder22¥13,000,000
Miroku DaraiLeft Side Back21¥15,000,000
Jingo RaichiDefensive Midfielder/Forward20¥18,000,000
Yo Hiori
Shuto Sendo
Forward/ Winger/Side Back
Forward / Midfielder
Eita OyotaRight Wing/Forward/Side Back17¥22,000,000
Tabito KarasuDefensive Midfielder/Forward16¥24,000,000
Ryusei ShidoForward15¥25,000,000
Ikki NikoForward/Center Back/Defensive Midfielder/Offensive Midfielder14¥30,000,000
Gin GagamaruGoalkeeper/Forward13¥32,000,000
Ranze KuronaSide Back/Forward12¥34,000,000
Jyubei AryuCenter Back/Forward11¥35,000,000
Kenyu Yukimiya
Reo Mikage
Side Back/Forward/Left Wing
Center Midfielder/Defensive Midfielder/Center Back/Forward
Oliver AikuCenter Back8¥38,000,000
Seishiro NagiForward/Right Wing/Offensive Midfielder7¥43,000,000
Rensuke Kunigami /
Hyoma Chigiri
Left Ring/Right Back/Forward
Meguru BachiraForward/Left Side Back4¥66,000,000
Shoei BaroForward/Right Wing3¥130,000,000
Yoichi IsagiForward/Offensive Midfielder2¥150,000,000
Rin ItoshiForward1¥180,000,000

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As you can see, there’s plenty of cause for excitement for Isagi’s placement. However, Rin Itoshi’s impressive hat trick in the most recent installment that singlehandedly secured his win catapulted him to the top.

Blue Lock Chapter 240 Spoilers Show Isagi is Still Valued Lower Than His Rivals

On top of this ranking, it’s revealed that ¥320,000,000 was placed as a bid on Michael Kaiser to be the ace for Real. While this should be exciting news as Kaiser is poised to become the best striker in the world, Kaiser is bothered by this valuation just as much as Isagi is.

Isagi sees this as him being valued lower than half of Kaiser’s bid, and falling short of Rin as second place doesn’t even feel accurate. Dissatisfied with this ranking, it initiates a 3-way battle for the very top, with Isagi being the common target!

- This article was updated on November 10th, 2023

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