Does Yuri Catch Loid in Spy x Family?

Does the State Secret Service's best agent manage to catch Twilight in Spy x Family?

by Drew Kopp
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One of the central pillars of Spy x Famiy‘s story is Loid Forger’s crusade to preserve his secret identity as the Westalian super spy “Twilight.” One of the greatest threats to this mission is his wife Yor’s younger brother Yuri Briar, a high-ranking member of Ostania’s unscrupulous State Secret Service.

One of Yuri’s primary objectives as a member of the S.S.S. is to capture “enemies of the state” like Twilight, and his intimate proximity to the Forger family is a significant source of stress for Loid. For those who have become invested in this intense cat-and-mouse game, here’s whether or not Yuri catches Loid in Spy x Family.

Has Yuri Briar Caught Twilight in Spy x Family?

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The only thing that rivals Yuri’s boundless affection for his older sister is his dedication to protecting his home country. Spy x Family wasted no time revealing that Yuri is a member of the S.S.S. and was helming the organization’s hunt for Twilight. The series has gone to great lengths to emphasize that Loid is one slip-up away from being exposed and arrested whenever Yuri is around since he’s just as intelligent and observant as Loid is.

Fortunately, Loid is no stranger to scrutiny, and so far, Yuri has not been able to deduce his true identity. Thanks to the aid of the intelligence organization W.I.S.E.‘s resources and his innate ingenuity, Loid has managed to throw Yuri and the S.S.S. off his trail whenever they get too close to blowing his cover. However, the patriarch of the Forger family has had more than a few close calls.

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Recent Chapters of Spy x Family Are Teasing A Confrontation Between Twilight and Yuri.

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Driven by his less-than-healthy sister complex, Yuri accused Loid of being a spy seconds after they were formally introduced. However, while Yuri’s initial accusation was nothing more than a joke, the most recent arc of Spy x Family has brought Yuri’s suspicions of Loid back to the forefront. After discovering that W.I.S.E. has been infiltrated by an Ostanian mole, Loid goes undercover as Yuri to lure the traitor out. Unfortunately, Yuri quickly tracks Loid down, and the two engage each other in a fierce gun duel.

Loid ends up victorious, but his feelings for Yor cause him to spare Yuri’s life. Later that evening, Yuri visits the Forger’s apartment and notices that Loid’s arm is injured. While a layer of synthetic skin covers Loid’s injury, Yuri is now aware that Twilight knows who he is, setting up the idea that his investigation into Twilight’s true identity will pick up steam.

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