Oshi no Ko Chapter 129 Leaks and Spoilers Mention the Anger in Ai Hoshino’s Heart

Ruby is catching on to what Ai was concealing for all these years.

by J.R. Waugh
Oshi no Ko Chapter 129 Leaks Rumors Raw Scans
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Oshi no Ko is back this week, and the leaks are truly starting to flow as the series moves along its Movie Arc. The 15 Year Lie movie has begun production, and fans are eager to finally see the plot moving again in ways it excelled in the past: by having its characters working in show biz. But this work reveals traits about the characters involved as much as it does for the people they portray. In the leaks and raw scans that surfaced for Oshi no Ko Chapter 129, we learn about what the director wants to see from Ruby.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 129 Leaks & Raw Scans Show Kana and Akane Bickering in Character

The original B-Komachi was prone to the same problems that the new generation has according to Oshi no Ko leaks and raw scans shared by trusted sources. We’ve already gotten a pretty decent written synopsis of the plot for this chapter, including Akane and Kana bickering about their appearances in character as Takamine and Nino. It’s also interesting to note that Nino didn’t originally care much for Ai either, so Kana’s casting in this case is perfect.

OnK Chapter 129 Spoilers Also Discuss the Anger Hidden in Ai’s Heart

In this chapter, we also see Ruby attempting otherwise simple scenes, and having to retake the shots. The director, Taishi Gotanda, wants to bring out Ai’s impulsivity, and more importantly, her anger.

He attempts to provoke this with persistent retakes, where Ruby’s anger will be incited while trying to remain in character, creating something more genuine. He wishes to convey Ai’s concealed anger, from a childhood of neglect and abuse, coated with a pleasant cover built by lies to create her bizarre star appeal.

Oshi no Ko Will Not Take a Break, New Chapter Next Week

After the month of hiatuses, it’s good to have assurance that we’ll see another chapter again soon. It can be easy to forget, but this is meant to be a weekly series, so it looks like things are back on track. Get ready for the release of Oshi no Ko Chapter 129!

- This article was updated on October 16th, 2023

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