Oshi no Ko Chapter 131: Leaks and Raw Scans Show Ai’s Troubled Upbringing, Break Next Week

Ai Hoshino concealed a lot behind that smile.

by J.R. Waugh
Oshi no Ko Chapter 131 Leaks Rumors Raw Scans
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It’s been a while since the last time a truly troubling or dark chapter of Oshi no Ko came out. But with leaks and rumors swirling about Oshi no Ko Chapter 131, we get a glimpse into the childhood of Ai Hoshino, and her problematic mother.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 131 Leaks & Rumors: Ai and Her Abusive Childhood

Ai Hoshino gets an important deep dive as hinted by leaks for Oshi no Ko Chapter 131, namely her relationship with her mother, Ayumi Hoshino. Thanks to leaks from trusted sources like d0nut on Twitter, we find out just how loaded with problems Ai’s past was. Even at the age of 8 or 9, she was drawing the attention of a man Ayumi was seeing, and despite plans for marriage, he showed interest in Ai.

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The resulting tension meant Ayumi couldn’t see her partner the same way anymore, and her anger at him was matched with a twisted jealousy and resentment of Ai’s premature beauty. This story is loaded with troubling threads, namely the apparent pedophilic attraction this man felt to her, but also her mother not being able to help feeling jealous of Ai.

Charges for petty theft were what ultimately separated Ayumi from her daughter, which was undoubtedly the right decision, even though that introduced a few other problems down the line for Ai. It’s after this discussion that Akane appears as Aqua’s leaving, reminding him and us as the readers that she is coming to prevent Aqua from ever going too far, playing his better angel as she brings him home.

Oshi no Ko Leaks and Raw Scans Show Delay After Chapter 131

Beyond these revelations, fans might be a bit saddened to learn they’ll have to wait an extra week for the release of Oshi no Ko Chapter 132. However, it’s par for the course during this story arc, especially after the longer hiatus over the summer, and for fans during the 2.5D Stage Play Arc, this is old news, with that arc featuring approximately 7-8 1-week breaks and even a 2-week break in between.

- This article was updated on November 7th, 2023

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