Oshi no Ko Chapter 134 Leaks Show Ruby Reeling From a Damaged Friendship

by J.R. Waugh
Oshi no Ko Chapter 134 Leaks Spoilers Ruby Kana Friendship

The events of Oshi no Ko Chapter 133 saw some pretty depressing realizations for the cast of the “15 Year Lie” movie. To bring out Ruby’s best portrayal of Ai Hoshino, her friendship was put to the test in the leaks for Oshi no Ko Chapter 134!

Oshi no Ko Chapter 134 Leaks Have Kana Embodying Nino As She Torches Friendship With Ruby

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In the leaks for Oshi no Ko Chapter 134 as relayed by leakers Sneaky and Kiichiro Enomura, Kana continues to avoid Ruby, putting a strain on their friendship. While Frill and Minami offer their input, with Frill’s suggestion that Kana is method-acting to get into Nino’s character, Mem confirms that Kana’s resentment is real.

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This is all part of Kana’s love-hate relationship with Ruby, and the guilt she has for it is immense, especially since she sees a lot more of Nino in herself than she perhaps wants to. This is especially dark knowing Nino’s nefarious connection to Hikaru Kamiki, father of Aqua and Ruby, and orchestrator of at least several deaths in the series.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 134 Spoilers See Ruby Calling Out to Ai for Guidance

The final moments of the chapter have Ruby reflecting on when the problems could have started with her and Kana. She thinks about how Ai was able to keep a brave face, without perhaps realizing what she had going on under the surface.

Ruby calls out to her mother in this moment, to her surprise, Ai appears in the mirror sporting 2 black star eyes, Ruby with 2 white stars. She has her realization that perhaps Ai concealed the pain she had as well, often isolated from friends. Beyond all the trauma and secrets, she was a normal, vulnerable girl.

While this leak isn’t perhaps as scandalous as those that emerged in the summer, it implies a more innate connection between Ruby and Ai than Aqua’s. It’ll be exciting to see what this means for Ruby’s character as the series continues to approach its end, whenever that may be.

- This article was updated on December 3rd, 2023

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