Are All of the American Horror Story (AHS) Seasons Connected? Explained

There’s more than Jessica Lange and Evan Peters tying AHS together, and it’s not just bloody death scenes.

by Kiona Jones
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It’s hard to explain, but the American Horror Story seasons are all connected to each other. How? When Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk first brought the series to FX, all we knew was that we were in for a spooky good time. AHS: Murder House followed the Harmon family as they slowly fell apart.

Then AHS: Asylum took the same actors and put them in dramatically different roles. This new direction included some things familiar (scary buildings and awful people) and new (aliens as a metaphor for God). But fans eventually started to recognize the larger cinematic universe unfolding before their very eyes.

AHS Connects Stories with Characters

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The hit horror series then proceeded to run the gamut of chilling tales. Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, and Evan Peters are among American Horror Story royalty at this point. Lily Rabe has been in so many different AHS shows, including Roanoke, that loyal fans can identify a season just by what she’s wearing.

Other familiar faces include Jamie Brewer, Adina Porter, Angela Bassett, Emma Roberts, Denis O’Hare, Taissa Farmiga, and Frances Conroy. Oscar-winning actress Kathy Bates joined the AHS cast in season 2 and has made increasingly shocking appearances ever since. But they all just keep coming back for more.

Shocking AHS Connections

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Some of the themes, characters, and storylines that connected different seasons of American Horror Story kept fans shocked and enthralled. The son being raised at the end of AHS: Murder House by Constance Langdon (Lange), for example, ended up becoming the Antichrist (Cody Fern) in AHS: Apocalypse.

Speaking of which, remember the badass witches of AHS: Coven? Turns out, they did more than just introduce impeccable style into the series. Whoever they picked as the Supreme Witch in season 3 would eventually lead them in their fight against Michael Langdon to restore the balance of good and evil. No pressure!

Easter Eggs Connecting AHS Seasons

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Other major details connect different seasons of American Horror Story. Like how Lady Gaga plays the original Supreme Scathach in AHS: Roanoke as well as the seductive vampire Elizabeth in AHS: Hotel. Ryan Murphy’s passion for throwing in minor details has made for a fun experience and will mostly continue in AHS: Delicate.

Commercials for Campfire Gold coffee have been spotted in AHS: Freak Show and AHS: Hotel. The more eagle-eyed fans always have something to pick apart and question to see what’s connected or not. Don’t believe me? Check out the many seasons of AHS to find out for yourself:

Murder House



Freak Show






Double Feature



- This article was updated on September 25th, 2023

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