Who Are the Togruta in Star Wars? Explained

There’s more to the Togruta than just Star Wars fave Ahsoka Tano!

by Kiona Jones
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Explaining the Togruta of Star Wars is easy because they’re one of the most popular alien races in the franchise. They’re known for their unique appearance as well as their strong presence within the Jedi Order. The Ahsoka series on Disney Plus has everyone talking about the Togruta, but what makes them so special?

Physical Appearance of the Togruta

Image: Lucasfilm

To the untrained eye, the Togruta look like Twi’leks. They also have lekku that grow long over their shoulders as they age. However, those of us Star Wars fans who know better understand the minor differences between the two. Where the lekku of Twi’leks is usually one solid color, those of the Togruta are often striped with white.

These are accompanied by montrals that stick straight up from their heads and get bigger and sharper as they get older. While Twi’leks come in a variety of skin tones, Togruta usually have orange skin and intricate white spots or lines covering their faces from birth.

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Togruta Culture

Image: Lucasfilm

The Togruta come from the planet Shili and their native tongue is Togruti, though many are fluent in Galactic Basic Standard (aka English). They are a proud and peaceful people that, like any other Star Wars alien race, are not without complexities and challenges.

The Tales of the Jedi gives us a glimpse into their food-gathering traditions and societal norms. Season 1, episode 1, “Life and Death” shows a mother Togruta taking her baby out to learn the art of hunting. When this little one turns out to be force-sensitive, we even get the sense of how normal it is for Togruta to become Jedi.

Of course, all good things must come to an end. The Togruta suffered under Separatists and then later under the Galactic Empire. Shili was ripe with a variety of resources and its people were often trafficked for unpaid labor from the other Togruta planet Kiros. It didn’t stop their fighting spirit. Rather, it only made them stronger.

Iconic Togruta Characters in Star Wars

Image: Lucasfilm

That little baby in The Tales of the Jedi? Grew up to become Ahsoka Tano, one of the most well-known Togruta in the franchise. She was a young Jedi who grew up under the chaotic tutelage of Anakin Skywalker. She was best friends with Captain Rex of the 501st and fellow padawan Barriss Offee.

Shaak Ti was a Togruta Jedi who worked closely with the clones on Kamino. She oversaw their training and did her best to protect them from the Kaminoan scientists. Long before the wicked Palpatine became chancellor, Kirames Kaj was the Togruta holding the office in Obi-Wan Kenobi’s younger days.

The Togruta of Star Wars are fierce warriors when they need to be with a keen sense of smell and hearing. Their sharp teeth enable their carnivorous appetites and they’re known to be ruthless in a fight. Yet, they’re also known for their calm nature and willingness to choose peace over violence. If only Ahsoka had gotten her old master to do the same.

- This article was updated on September 28th, 2023

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