10 Best Anime Like ‘One Piece’

The perfect shows for Luffy's fans!

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Almost all anime fans around the world have at least heard of the world-famous series One Piece. Created by Eiichiro Oda, the show follows the adventures of Luffy, a young pirate who dreams about finding the coveted One Piece treasure.

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While this is undoubtedly an amazing and truly enjoyable anime, there are still many others that One Piece fans should try. Below, we have compiled a list of the best anime like One Piece for fans of Oda’s masterpiece to try.

A List of the Best Anime Like One Piece

These shows were selected due to how similar their premises, characters, or power systems are to the ones found in One Piece. From protagonists that are equally as goofy and kind-hearted as Luffy, to worlds that feel alive and hide tons of surprises, fans of Oda’s story will not want to miss the following anime.

10. Naruto

Screenshot: Studio Pierrot

Years ago, a monster known as the Nine-tailed Fox rampaged through the Hidden Leaf Village. Only the Fourth Hokage, the leader of the village, as well as the most powerful ninja of his time, could stop the creature by sealing it inside the body of a newborn baby. Now a teenager, the boy that was used as a vessel for the Kyuubi, Naruto Uzumaki, is looking to become a ninja.

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Since he was little, the villagers have treated him like a nuisance. He dreams of becoming the next Hokage to prove to them that he is worthy of being a ninja and a member of his village. Along Naruto, are his team members Sakura and Sasuke, as well as their teacher, the unmotivated Kakashi. Will the rebellious and energetic Uzumaki achieve his goal?

9. My Hero Academia

Screenshot: Studio Bones

Izuku Midoriya is one of the few people left in the world without a superpower. These abilities, also known as Quirks, can be something as simple as being able to stretch your fingers to control the forces of nature. As such, those with powerful skills are seen as superior. Since Izuku has no power, he has always been a social reject, bullied relentlessly at school.

Despite how he has been treated, Izuku has never given up on his dream of becoming a Hero. They are the ones who use their powers to keep civilians safe from Villains. One faithful afternoon, after almost finally giving up, Midoriya encounters his idol, the number one Hero All Might. This meeting will forever change Izuku’s life, giving him a chance to achieve a dream that once seemed impossible.

8. Bleach

Screenshot: Studio Pierrot

Ichigo’s life was nothing out of the ordinary, with nothing exciting ever occurring. This all changed the day that Ichigo met Rukia, a Shinigami tasked with defeating an evil spirit attacking Ichigo’s family. During the fight, Rukia gets injured, forcing her to make a deal with Ichigo and grant him her Shinigami powers.

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The young man used these powers to keep his family safe, but when it was time to give the power back to Rukia, he realized that he could not. Trapped as a Shinigami, Ichigo will have to take on Rukia’s responsibilities and hunt down the dark spirits that attack his town.

7. Hunter x Hunter

Screenshot: Studio Madhouse

Gon, like most kids his age, dreams about becoming a famous Hunter. These skillful and strong individuals are the ones who keep humanity safe from the various monsters that inhabit the world. Gon’s father is one of the most prominent Hunters, and he aspires to be like him and go on adventures together.

The time for the Hunter Exams is coming near, and Gon needs to travel to the city to take the exams. Along the way, he will meet new friends who will accompany him on his quest. Woefully, strong opponents will also be hunting down the promising young man.

6. Toriko

Screenshot: Toei Animation

The Gourmet Era has commenced, and with it, Gourmet Hunters from all around the world travel the entire world in search of the rarest and most delicious ingredients. In this world, almost anything can be an appetizing meal, from the interiors of volcanos to the most simple plants.

Toriko, a young and prolific Gourmet Hunter who has discovered 2% of all known ingredients, continues his journey to find the perfect ingredients. He dreams of creating a full-course meal like anything the world has ever seen before. Accompanied by his friend, the five-star chef Komatsu, Toriko will venture into the most dangerous places looking for the most coveted meals.

5. Gintama

Screenshot: Studio Sunrise

Out of nowhere, a race of powerful aliens invaded Earth and took control of Japan’s government. After taking over the country, the new overlords banned all swords from being displayed in public. The most affected were the citizens of Edo, a city that various samurai called home. Among these warriors was Gintoki, a man who defied the new law by carrying a wooden sword everywhere he went.

Gin is the founder of Yorozuya, an organization that aids the citizens of Edo with any job. Working with him is a samurai trainee named Shinpachi, a super strong and energetic girl named Kagura, and a massive pet dog named Sadaharu. Together, they do anything that is required of them, from fighting aliens to mundane everyday jobs.

4. Dragon Ball

Screenshot: Toei Animation

Aided by her Dragon Radar, the young genius Bulma set out on a quest to find the legendary Dragon Balls. It is said that whoever unites these seven spheres will have any wish they want to be granted. Shortly after the beginning of her journey, Bulma comes across Goku, an innocent and inhumanly strong boy with a monkey’s tail.

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Despite their first impression of the other not being the best, Bulma and Goku decide to travel together to gather the Dragon Balls. As the story progresses, they will find many new allies and enemies, like the bandit Yamcha who tries to rob them as soon as they meet. Nonetheless, their fun and lighthearted adventure could suddenly become more dangerous than they could have ever imagined.

3. Fairy Tail

Screenshot: A-1 Pictures

Many prestigious Wizard Guilds exist in the world, but not one is as popular and beloved as the Fairy Tail Guild. This organization is where many of the most powerful wizards in the world have trained since children. Lucy is a big fan of this guild and has dreamed since she was little about becoming a member.

During her trip to the Fairy Tail’s main building, Lucy encounters Natsu, a hot-headed but friendly wizard who just so happens to be a member of this prestigious group. The pink-haired young man, seeing how much potential Lucy has, takes her back to Fairy Tail, where their new life as guild members begins.

2. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Screenshot: Studio Bones

Alchemy is the science of transforming, reconstructing, and reshaping matter at will. However, there are certain rules that an alchemist must always follow. The law of equivalent exchange, the most important rule, states all alchemy requires a payment of equal value. The second most important rule warns alchemists from trying to bring people back to life through human transmutation.

After losing his mother to a mysterious illness, Edward and his brother Alphonse disregarded that warning and tried to bring her back. This attempt ended with Edward losing his right leg and arm, and Al losing his entire body. Without anywhere else to go, the boys joined the military, looking for information about the mythical Philosopher’s Stone that could help them regain their bodies.

1. Black Clover

Screenshot: Studio Pierrot

Asta and Yuno are two young warriors who dream about becoming the next Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom. Sadly, while Yuno is a prodigy in the use of magic, Asta has no magical ability whatsoever. Still, he is unwilling to give up and has trained his body since he was a child to make up for his lack of magic.

When the boys turned 15, they were given two Grimoires, powerful books that give their users the ability to cast advanced spells. Yuta’s book gives him control over wind-type spells. Asta on the other hand, receives a black five-leaf clover grimoire with a small demon inside, which gives him the ability to use anti-magic. Armed with this new ability on his side, Aste joins the Black Bull Guild, hoping to learn how to use his powers and become the next Wizard King.

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