A September 2021 Nintendo Direct is Likely Based on Past Years’ Schedules

A Nintendo Direct could be coming soon.

by Holly Alice
Nintendo Direct logo

Fresh rumours spark questions about a Nintendo Direct happening in September. Despite the last broadcast being only in August, a Direct does make sense.

Every so often there are new rumours around if and when a Nintendo Direct is coming out. This time, it seems to be that there will be one within the first couple of weeks of September 2021 (supposedly the 4th to the 10th). While there is no concrete proof of this, there is some evidence to back up the claims.

Back in August, a rumour circulated that there would be a September Direct around the release of WarioWare: Get it Together! (coming out on September 10th). It is said to focus on Metroid Dread, Advance Wars, and Mario Party Superstars among other titles.


Previous Nintendo Directs

Nintendo has released a Direct every September since 2016. This alone gives enough reason for us to suspect another one this year – but that’s not all the evidence. Nintendo provided us with a jam-packed Indie World Showcase on the 11th of August this year, but as we know, these only focus on smaller studios, not the big IPs. Similarly, we saw a Pokémon presentation – but again, this was purely focused on Game Freak’s upcoming titles. These exhibits, while fantastic, were not for Nintendo’s most popular and upcoming games.

It is currently three months since Nintendo released their last Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter DLC – so it is about time that the next wave is announced. There are also huge titles coming out for Nintendo, that we still do not know much about – Splatoon 3 and Breath of the Wild 2 for instance. In the run-up to the festive season – the most profitable quarter – it would make a lot of sense for Nintendo to release new games and update us on the ones that have already been revealed.


Around every one of Nintendo’s Directs there are a lot of ‘leaks’ and rumours – people posting huge lists of titles supposedly from Nintendo themselves that turn out to be completely fabricated. However, some have proven true: before a 2018 Direct, two industry insiders teased that a major Animal Crossing announcement was coming. Lo and behold, it was revealed in the Direct that Isabelle would be joining the Super Smash Bros. roster and that a new mainline game was in development.

Fans should still take any and all rumours with a pinch of salt, as there is a large chance it is all speculation.

So far there have been no official announcements of a new Nintendo Direct.