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Almost 10% of Resident Evil 7 Players Are Playing With PlayStation VR

by Dean James


Resident Evil 7 was a big shock during Sony’s E3 conference last year and now the game has finally released as of last Tuesday. One of the key features of this game for PS4 owners was the ability to be able to play it with PSVR. You would definitely think this could be a killer app for the headset and it sounds like quite a lot of people are trying it out.

Unlike most of the games for PSVR that are specific to the platform, Resident Evil 7 is a full fledged game itself that can be fully played using PlayStation VR if you choose. This is a fantastic addition to the game for those buying on PS4 that own a PSVR headset, which left us wondering how many people are actually taking advantage of it. Thanks to the official Resident Evil website, we have the answer for that.

According to the Resident Evil 7 global statistics page, 872,857 people had been “welcomed to the family” as of the time of this writing. That is just their way of saying the number of people that have started the game since release last week worldwide.

The number of people that have used VR with the game is a good bit lower, but still rather impressive. Since release, 83,312 people have used Resident Evil 7 with PSVR as of the time of this writing, which is 9.54% of all users as of that time.

Considering the shortages of PlayStation VR since release in October, to where you can almost never find any units in stores and people still wanting them, we wouldn’t be surprised if this number would have been a good bit higher if everyone that wanted a PSVR could have one. Even with that caveat, this is still pretty impressive that nearly 10% of players have tried the game out using PSVR.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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