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Among Us Console Release Still on Track for 2021

Are you sad because you don't have your copy of Among Us on your next-gen console? We might have some good news for you.

The Among Us developers haven’t forgotten about the console release they promised fans earlier this year. In a recent Emergency Meeting blog post, they gave players a lot of information regarding upcoming changes, fixes, the current state of the game, and more.

Among Us took the world by storm a year after its release back in 2018. The game went from having almost no players to gathering hundreds of thousands of players on their servers, exploding in popularity almost overnight. Hundreds of content creators have fueled the game’s popularity by streaming it to their audiences. This game is basically Trouble in Terrorist Town, but from a top-down perspective and with a simple and appealing aesthetic and animations.

Since its rising in popularity, developers have been creating content and fixing the many problems players have been experiencing. They managed to release ports to Android, iOS, and even the Nintendo Switch, but the next-gen consoles haven’t had the same luck. They stated earlier this year that a console port was coming, but they have been silent ever since, until now. Innersloth (The developers of Among Us) made a blog post a few days ago sharing some information about the console release.


They originally were going to release the console port in September, but a series of issues made that impossible. Since September 20, they have been under a DDoS attack, making it difficult for players to get into a game. Luckily, they have taken some measures to fix and prevent this problem from happening again.

They are still planning to release the console version before the end of the year, but no release date has been confirmed by the developers. They also talked about a new mechanic that’s coming to the game. Innersloth has been testing and working on player “Roles”, they state that they are going to be slightly different from the ones players have been playing with, thanks to PC mods. The Roles mechanic was something that they worked on before the game’s release, but they didn’t have the time to expand on the idea and put it in the game. Now with the recent success of the game, they decided to expand on it and add another layer of depth to the game.

It’s good to hear that the developers are still working on the game after being silent for so long. The addition of the Roles mechanic is going to be a welcomed change for veterans and new players of the title. If you haven’t heard about the updates made in the last patch, make sure you read our latest article about the update made in June.

Among Us is available now on PC, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile Devices.

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