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Among Us is Now Free on the Epic Games Store

The social deduction game is now free on EGS.


It’s time for another Epic Games Store free game release, thanks in part to the ongoing Epic Mega Sale (I can’t say that name with a straight face)! Last week’s free game had us shooting hoops and going for gold in NBA 2K21. While I’m not a fan of basketball myself, I’m sure you sports fans out there had a bit of fun claiming and working through this. This week’s game though is another rather interesting choice, as Among Us has become the next Epic Games Store free game! Like last week, next week’s free game will be a mystery title.


For those who’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen the craze that Among Us has generated, this social deduction game sees a group of crewmates attempt to repair various errors across either ships or bases. Repairing isn’t so easy of a task though, as some of the crewmates aren’t here to connect wires and turn on the lights. Some are imposters who seek to sabotage the various systems and bring an untimely end to some crewmates. If you’re going to make it out of here, you’ll have to find those who aren’t crewmates and eject them, but it’s a lot harder than that might seem. Do you have what it takes to find those among us?

Listen, many of you probably either own Among Us or play it free through your phone. But for those few who have yet to try the game, there’s a good chance for them to see what all the hype was about. I personally enjoyed it when I played it a good while ago, so if others get the chance to who haven’t yet, I see that as a win.

Are you one of those planning to hop into the world of Among Us? What do you think we’ll get next week? Let us know.

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