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Analyst Predicts Lifetime Sales For PS4, Xbox One And Wii U

| September 22, 2015

Analyst Predicts Lifetime Sales For PS4, Xbox One And Wii U News  Xbox One WIIU PS4

Video game analyst, Michael Pachter, has predicted the lifetime sales for the PS4, Xbox One and Wii U consoles.

GamesIndustry reported Pachter gave a speech at DICE Europe last week where he talked about how the 8th generation of consoles will perform.

According to Patcher, he feels the Wii U will sell 20 million consoles during its lifetime. This is down from the 100 million that the original Wii received.

As for the PS4 console, he predicts it would go on to sell between 120 to 130 million units. This is up from the PS3, although a little shy from the 155 million units the PS2 sold. It will be interesting to see if his prediction is wrong because the PS4 is selling at a faster rate than the PS2 right now.

Patcher also feels the Xbox One will do very well. He reckons that console will sell around 100 to 110 million consoles. Again, this estimate makes it higher than the lifetime unit sales for the Xbox 360 console.

Patcher also made a prediction that this is the last time we will see proper consoles. He feels the future of gaming will reside in the cloud.

Do you feel Mr Patcher’s predictions will turn out correct? What are you own predictions for the lifetime sales for the 8th generation consoles?

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  • Xbox has been on a roll since, well about a year ago, and it hasn’t let up. From the price cut, to the monthly (community driven) updates, to the games (exclusives and multiplats) lineup this fall, I think it’s going to be close between Xbox and PS.

    • Allen

      Good luck with that. PS4 has nearly double the install base and continues to outsell xbone in all markets and we haven’t even seen the first price cut for PS4 yet.

      Xbone is doing great but it will never be very close to PS4.

      • I would really like to know where you are getting your numbers. MS releases the X1 sales figures (202K in August), however Sony does not, just that “we’re #1 for August.” MS actually outdid Sony back in April as well, and this was before backwards compatibility, Windows 10, Gears, Forza, Halo, etc.

        • Revolver Ocelot

          No, they didn’t release those numbers. Those were extrapolated from last year’s leaked numbers then confirmed by newer leaked information.

        • Allen

          Xbox one lead in the US only in April but has lost every single other month this year. Including after E3 and backwards compat.

          Again April was US only. Worldwide PS4 won April and of course all other countries all year.

          All that without a price cut or our huge exclusives releasing (just all the free exclusive content in AAA games and a taste of some major exclusives like The Order, Until Dawn, Tearaway, Bloodborne & Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture + a whole lot of smaller ones, superior PS+ and amazing gamer features like virtual couch).

          Just wait for the official world wide price cut and all our huge hitters. Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, No Mans Sky, Shadow of the Beast, Amplitude, Let it Die, The Last Guardian, Horizon Zero Dawn, Street Fighter V, Hellblade. Man we got a ton coming in short order.

          • Superior PS+? Not sure if I’d go that far, GWG and PS+ are pretty close now. A few months back I would’ve agreed with you, but GWG has improved a log. This month, for example, we got Tomb Raider.

            Sony had a lot of momentum in the beginning and then pretty much lost if all thanks to lack of big exclusives and updates for the OS. Of course with fall coming, every big players’ exclusives are coming. But it would be hard for anyone to argue that Xbox doesn’t win, at least by a little, in this department. Rare Replay, Forza 6, Halo 5, Gears: UE, Rise of the Tomb Raider (timed); plus incentives like getting a copy of Fallout 3 when you purchase Fallout 4 (thanks to backward compatibility). The indie games MS are offering are nice to, such as Ori and Cuphead. EA Access being exclusive to Xbox is a huge advantage as well; you simply cannot beat paying $5/month or $30/year and having complete and unrestricted access for BF4, the Maddens, the Fifas, PvZ, Peggle 2, NFS, and all the other EA games, as well as 10% discount on the Store. All this with Windows 10 and the Universal Apps. Sony is going to have to bring something big to stay ahead, because 2nd place Microsoft is bringing all the big guns.

          • Allen

            Absolutely PS+ is still superior to GWG. It’s 20% less but delivers far more. GWG gets credit for giving some older AAA games but on that same note we all played the older AAA games. PS+ is not without AAA but it’s been really great being introduced to so many new games I end up loving. 5 PS4 games in May, 4 each month ever since. It’s very hard to beat that. + all the games on PS3 and Vita too. PS+ just gives a lot more and PSN has been down a lot less than XBL since launch of xbone. PSN also downloads faster and installs to play faster than XBL.

            Sony hasn’t lost any momentum. Even without some of the bigger exclusives releasing in 2015 as expected PS4 continues to outsell xbone. Sony released Virtual Couch in 2015 which you may not know is a feature on PS4 that allows friends to play your games with you even if they don’t own the game! Freaking awesome feature.

            Rare replay is cool but isn’t a system seller. Forza is cheap wanna be junk in my book but glad you guys have something that looks like GT. Halo is Xbox’s only real selling point. Gears is cool, I hope the new one doesn’t suck like Judgement (I enjoyed the first one on PC). Rise is a timed exclusive.

            Backwards compat is Xbox’s strongest feature but as Microsoft admitted before a very small percentage of people actually use that feature. I am jealous for sure but then again I’m PlayStation so sticking with my PS3 phat and my huge library of games.

            Xbox has some great indies but it seems like PlayStation gets all the best ones. Resogun, Mercenary Kings, Rocket League, Transistor, Grow Home, Grim Fandango, The Witness & Counter Spy come to mind.

            EA Access is cool but I wouldn’t call it some huge hand Xbox has played. PlayStation could have it if they wanted it and honestly I do think they should add it. I personally don’t see the value in it but that doesn’t mean every other PS gamer feels the same way and they should have the option. I think the service needs more newer games to be worth it or at least a long time for the library to grow to be worth it. Not sure if you knew or not but PVZ was given for free to PS gamers.

            Windows 10 is pretty pointless to me. I mean not completely, I use PSTV to stream to my bedroom and that has it’s uses (mainly M rated games or when company is over and you don’t want to take over the living room). But honestly if you have a PC you are better off with PS4/PC combo like I do. I have Ryse but have passed up on Titanfall and Dead Rising 3. I have yet to check out Project Spark but am interested and looking forward to games like Quantum Break, Rare Replay or Sunset Overdrive being lost to PC.

            I respect your opinion but respectfully I disagree. PS4 will do nothing but continue it’s dominance in all territories. Xbox is doing fine though, best it’s ever done. Nothing to complain about there and I do like the direction xbox is taking. If they keep this up I’ll consider it as a 3rd console next gen – but they are going to have to prove to me their dedication to Xbox One first. It’s sad that Xbox 360 was basically abandoned years before xbone launch (drought of exclusives – like 3 good exclusives launched the 5 years prior to xbone launch).

          • revolver ocelots alt#215

            Don’t be a loser. Shilling for pos4 isnt worth that many words.

          • Allen

            Awe, sorry I hurt your feelings. It’s better to be hurt by the truth than comforted by a lie.

          • revolver ocelots alt#215

            Hey Allen…its me. Go to the PSN is down articles yesterday and the day before. We need the full defense force.

          • ..

            He just lies. If you try to engage with actual information. He just has a temper tantrum. Starts going off about most value. Apparently he breaks a lot of controllers. Must rage quit often. The $3 price difference seems to be a big thing to him.

          • Ahdyj

            Haha poor xtwat.

          • ..


          • ..

            How come xbox sells more games per console and that number grows by the day?

          • Guest

            Do you have proof of that or are you just making it up to piss him off?

          • ..

            Sold like 2 million copies. Last I read. I agree it’s a great game. I just don’t understand why PS4 owners don’t buy it.

            Is this the same guest I was talking to before? I’m going to respond to your other post when I get home. Phone is hard for actual debate.

          • Guest

            Yes, it’s the same. I didn’t want to get involved in the Bloodbourne discussion but since you don’t understand, I’ll try to give you my opinion. 2m for the genre is actually amazing. I’ve always said sales isn’t necessarily linked to quality of a game. It’s more to do with popularity of a game.
            2m for the genre is quite good. I’m not sure Dark souls did that much with 19-20m base.

          • ..

            I 100% agree that sales do not equate to a better anything. I also agree that the numbers for the genre are great. But things like logic and facts and someone with your level of intelligence don’t belong In these type of discussions ;) really taking a lot of the fun out of it for me.

            My phone glitches with this site often. It looked like you replied to that thread it wasn’t that I didn’t understand. I could have just deleted or changed but I’d rather stay honest :)

          • ..

            Sorry thought that was to another post. Yeah. I have numbers at home. I’ll do the math. and post

          • ..

            So my numbers are 64 million Xbox One games sold with 13 million consoles giving you 4.9 games per console

            116 million PS4 games with 25 million consoles sold gives you 4.6 games per console.
            Last year they were within .01 games per of each other.

          • Guest

            Where do you get these numbers? I think it’s nearly impossible to get exact numbers so I’ll just post the current vgchartz numbers.

            XB1 : 13.57
            PS4 : 24.77

            XB1: 63.45
            PS4: 116.90

            So it comes to
            XB1: 4.67
            PS4: 4.72

          • ..

            Numbers are different all over the place. Nobody really knows. But you are helping Allen and I can’t be apart of that.

            I want to see him provide some actual support to the crap he spews. I didn’t start the slinging. But I can continue it.

          • Guest

            I’m not supporting anyone, I think he is big enough to reply whatever he wants.
            I didn’t even read most of the discussion.

            My comment was mostly about your comment. Personally, I don’t really think there is much of a factor. Ultimately XB1 or PS4 gamers buy around the same number of games per console.

          • The Master

            they take in account old games that are BWC

          • ..

            No just Xbox One games. 360 also sold more games per console than PS3

          • Allen

            Not true at all. Where’s are you getting your info?

          • ..

            Where are you getting your info saying it’s not true. I posted my numbers. Provide a link disproving them and I’ll link my source.

          • Allen

            NPD is where I get my info. You can look up each and every month if you want and that’s just in the US! Many articles about Sony having 70% market share in European countries and Australia and of course way better in Asian countries.

            But yeah NPD is US sales numbers and constantly ranks PS4 as “leading US sales in both hardware and software”.

            You also got to take into account digital sales which also are much higher on PS4.

            Your turn.

          • ..

            Games per console

          • Allen

            I just don’t see how that could be true if PS4 is constantly leading in software sales each and every month and everything I’ve looked up. Again sources? Mine are official prices from the most trusted market resource group.

          • ..

            You don’t see how it could be true because you don’t understand the simple math needed to calculate it even if you had the numbers.

          • Allen

            My job is all math you dumb fk and you are just avoiding sources. I absolutely disagree, you don’t know shit.

            In example, PS4 has roughly double the install base yet more than double sold in all the games I looked up:

            GTA V –
            7.45 million PS4
            3.11 million Xbone

            Batman Arkham Knight
            2.36 million PS4
            0.89 million Xbone – LMAO

            Far Cry 4:
            3.37 million PS4
            1.23 million xbone

            I could just go on and on PLUS NDP confirming PS4 ground stomping Xbone in hardware and software sales and that’s just the US where it’s freaking close! LMAO

          • ..

            No wonder they pay you so little.
            You really are doing a bad job of ignoring me.

          • Allen

            That wasn’t on this thread and I make damn decent money. I did mean to chuckle at your decades old chevy keys. Man it’s been a long time since I’ve seen those. I bet you are proud of the POS.

          • ..

            Yeah. My first car. About $80k into it I built it from the ground up. 11 second 1/4 and its built to turn not launch. l Was going to go push button like my Benz. Still might. You making payments on Hyundai?

          • No one can argue that PS+ delivers good indie games, but GWG (and not to mention DWG), as you said, delivers very good AAA games. You mentioned price, yes Gold is $60 vs PS+ $50 (17% btw); why do you think that is? Security and quality. I don’t have to bring up PSN’s unfortunate hack a couple years back, do I? And I’m yet to experience one day of XBL being down; I know once a month or so a select features (such as party chat) will go down for 10% of users or so, but never a full shutdown. Even when Lizard Squad (or supposedly LS) hacked PSN and XBL earlier this year, XBL withstood the attack much better than PSN. As far as your download and install times – first or all, install times have NOTHING to do with internet connection; that doesn’t make any sense. Second, I’m unable to find any sources on the internet for those claims; could you please direct me?

            Virtual Couch? Xbox has had Gold sharing since day one. My bro-in-law lives a state away, and we only purchase one Gold membership a year, and everything I purchase he gets and vice-versa. So, yes, I purchased EA Access for $30 and we both get access to all the games. Virtual Couch is not impressive, I’m sorry.

            Forza has the same or better scores on Metacritic; that’s all I’m saying.

            I do not believe you don’t see value in EA Access. On top of that, you can’t reasonably expect EA to put their brand new release games in the Vault. On top of that, the 2015 editions of NBA, NHL, and FIFA are in the Vault, as well as Dragon Age: Inquisition. You can’t ask for much more.

            There is nothing you can do with PS+PC that you can’t do with XB+PC; and the advantages of having the same operating system on PC as your video game console (and phone) will become apparent in the coming year(s). Even now, the game streaming feature (and the rest of the features in the Xbox app) on Windows 10 is very good.

            I’m not saying Sony hasn’t earned their success; but I also can’t help but feel that MS’ batched E3 ’13 pushed the PlayStation to the top as much as Sony’s good moves did. Both systems have their advantages, though.

          • Allen

            I don’t have time to respond to all but to answer a very important question you asked immediately:

            “There is nothing you can do with PS+PC that you can’t do with XB+PC”

            Many Xbox exclusives are on PC and zero PlayStation exclusives are on PC. As a PC/PS4 owner I have access to a lot more games than a Xbone/PC owner. Same OS means nothing, my PS3 connects to my PC and uses it as my home media server. I can pull movies, pictures, videos, music, whatever I want from my PC with my PS3. PS4 needs to get DDOS support as well, that’s my most requested feature but since I still have my PS3 I’m doing ok. I’m more happy about USB music coming to PS4 and all the other amazing features anyways.

            Virtual couch doesn’t mean much? Okay…so cable pass through does? LMAO, PlayStation has a lot more than virtual couch but that is by far the most amazing feature I’ve seen. You can play a freaking game you don’t even own with your friend. Like being invited over to a friends house growing up you are enjoying their game with them.

            Then we have friend spectate/take over mode. Lightning fast instant resume, way faster download/install/play times, more power in a smaller box, way more features in the controller that do help immerse you more into the gaming environment and longer video capture time with great tools.

            PlayStation has the best features. Backwards compat is great but isn’t all games so it’s not like the backwards compat I and other gamers are use to on PS2, Wii, WiiU, Xbox 360 & PS3 phat and that’s Xbox’s strongest feature.

            Snap has a screen in your way while you are trying to game, I prefer PS4’s super quick background tasks thanks to it’s secondary processor.

          • ..

            In your opinion?

          • Allen

            Oh and you going to bring up PSN hack in 2011 then I get to bring up 2 week XBL downtime in 2007 with junk compensation (1 low ranked game VS PSN 2 high ranked from list of 5, free weekend of HD movie rentals, free month of PS+ and free credit protection just in case).

            Also like I said, XBL has been down a ton since launch of this generation. I don’t know why but it has.

        • ..

          He makes it all up. Best not to engage with him. He just spews lies and makes things up. Know actual knowledge of the gaming industry or hardware. Just what he read on the box.

    • Guest

      So you are talking US-only (where the PS4 constantly takes NPD) ? This article is about worldwide numbers…

  • Mario Wii U

    Wii U will overtake ps4 and Xbox one.
    Nintendo are holding back and trying to find that “one game” that Iwata has always talked about.
    We all know this to be true !

    • Donovan Tull

      It’s weird. I feel like it’s already had 3 or 4 games that ought to put them well above their competitors. I think the media is just too against Nintendo- when the company with the best selling and ratings for games sells a console with poor sales, it’s the gaming world that’s against them- really, if you produce the best rated games, by critics and users alike, by rights you should be in the lead. I mean, it’s top 6 best selling games outsell PS4’s best selling game and Xbox One’s best selling game.

  • Duke

    Definitely some high numbers there and entirely possible. Gaming is growing more and more as the years pass. But there will be at least 1 more generation of consoles after this. Purely because the worlds internet infrastructure isn’t ready for full cloud gaming.

    If it’s hard for the majority of gamers to stream a game that’s 1080p/60fps, imagine the bandwidth needed to stream 4k (what people will be expecting).

    There’s also the reliability of the internet, servers and security. Something that we’ve all seen a lot of struggles with this generation.

    Back to the infrastructure though. Can it handle the load that millions upon millions of gamers will induce upon it all day, every day? There is so much processing that occurs to play a game, a game streaming service isn’t the same as a tv/movie streaming service.

    Lastly, while digital downloads are on the up. So many people are still buying hardcopies at retail. Going straight from hardcopy, skipping digital downloads, straight to streaming could be disastrous.

  • KingSlayer

    Add me on live and give me a message to add you on preview program.

  • Allen

    I actually think he’s pretty close. I don’t expect PS4 to outsell PS2. I just don’t think this gen will be long enough but that’s ok.


    I wouldn’t be surprises if wii u surpassed 20 million although 20 million is a high respectable figure. I can see xhox one overtaking ps 4 as well in the long run if xbox continues the way they are going and sony continue with there timed exclusive crap

    • Guest

      Ok with the Wii U stuff but the rest for me is ridiculous. The PS4 is outselling every month. Even if it’s close in the US the PS4 still leads in there. Where the PS4 is killing it is in Europe, Japan and other markets.


        the xbox one and ps 4 will balance out. in sales

        • Guest

          So you are talking US-only (where the PS4 constantly takes NPD) ? This article is about worldwide numbers…

    • DrumStickNinja

      You must be high to think Xbox could ever catch up to PS4. PlayStation keeps delivering far more with better quality than Xbox and most it’s major exclusives have been pushed to 2016 which is rapidly approaching. The PS4 rocket is preparing for takeoff.

      • revolver ocelots alt#215

        Sure pal. You take that ride on the rocket ! Bwahahaha.

        Quality…forza 6 is the best and highest rated racing title available. Avg Review score of 88 with many perfect 100s. What’s driveclub avg…71 with quite a few 40s and 50s ? I’ve played them both dont make me laugh. The odor ?? that’s rather odorous.

        An 8 hour interactive movie and a kiddie tearaway game for the rest of the year against Gears of war which is gorgeous, Halo 5, Forza 6, Fable, cobalt, Tomb Raider and Gigantic and more.
        You ride the rocket ship !

        • Revolver Ocelot

          Check yourself before you wreck yourself, FuckzaFailEver. Flopza 6 sinks to 87, confirming Mario Kart 8 as the best and highest rate racing title available. Two years of extra development time on the Xbone and the series still can’t hit its lofty days on the 360.

          Xbone still the only console without a 90+ rated exclusive, what went wrong?

          FuckzaFailEver owned in all holes as usual.

          • revolver ocelots alt#215

            Really showing your mental sheeploserness now. Maybe check metacritic scores for the duds on your own console. I bet the the odor and turdclub are really up there. Please upvote yourself some more sheepboy. It’s funny.

      • ?????

        More opinions. :^)


        xbox exclusives are better than playstation easy. playstation is all timed exclusives. wii u all first and second party. xbox one a good balance of first and third. playstation virtually all third party

        • AussieGamer

          wrong salty xbot

        • Allen

          What kid? Are you freaking serious right now?

          Dead Rising 3
          Project Spark

          all on PC and/or going multi plat.

          Sunset Overdrive
          Quantum Break
          Rare Replay

          All possible to go to PC or mutli plat in the future.

          That leaves very few true xbox exclusives. Then What’s this fking shit you are trying to say? This bull shit, lies like all the ass hurt xbots out there.

          Counter Spy
          Deep Down
          Disgaea 5
          Drive Club
          Drawn to Death
          Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
          Gran Turismo
          Gravity Rush
          Horizon Zero Dawn
          Kingdom Hearts
          The Last of Us
          The Last Guardian
          Little Big Planet
          Mercenary Kings
          MLB the Show
          No Mans Sky
          The Order: 1886
          The Playroom
          Ratchet & Clank
          Rocket League
          Shadow of the Beast
          Grim Fandango
          Street Fighter V
          Until Dawn
          War Thunder
          The Witness

          Then on top of that all the console exclusives, timed exclusives, FREE exclusive content in the best AAA multi plat games, better PS+, better features PS4 is certainly the best place to play.

          • ..

            Been really thinking about consoles lately, I think PS4 is like the kids console, where adults have Xbox because of the entertainment/media features. Blu-ray player, mkv playback and streaming, Netflix, it’s a console that acts like a media center. All while staying connected. Plus plays a lot of great games.

            Yeah, PS4 is for kids. Xbox is for adults because of it’s media features.

          • Allen

            Meh I totally disagree. Casuals would pick up xbone for it’s media features and the occasional game. PS4 gamers are core gamers that want the most powerful, most content, most games, best gaming features and all about being the elitist.

            PS4 is now on PS3’s status as an all in one entertainment device (I just found out that PS4 now has DLNA support!).

            Video games 1st and foremost
            Blu ray & 3D blu ray
            Online movie rentals
            Netflix/Hulu/Crackle/Amazon Instant – all major streaming services
            USB music
            Connects to PC and uses it as home media server

            plus all the gaming features

            Video capture – 15 minutes for the elite gamer editing and posting
            Instant Resume
            Suspend/multiple apps at once
            Super fast background tasks (thanks to secondary processor)
            Share play (virtual couch)
            Friend Spectate (nice to eat dinner and not miss out on anything or whatever)
            Very quick download/install to play times
            1080p Native gaming
            Remote play PS Vita or TV on network via PSTV

            all in an elite little box and no clunky power supply

          • ..

            So you are saying that you wouldn’t want a cable type STB for PS4.?

            Is PS4 DLNA like PS3. PS3 media server beating the heck out of my PC transcoding to support file formats? I loved my PS3 media features blew 360 out of the water, it’s actually why I have 2 PS3’s my living room one used exclusively for it’s media abilities. was super disappointed when PS4 didn’t launch with them.

            I was super stoked when Xbox came out the gate with them. MKV was a big one for me, I rip my entire bluray collection to MKV and store on a server PC to stream throughout my house. Trancoding works, but pausing and rewinding a full quality rip is not an option. Really like the native playback.

          • Allen

            I haven’t subscribed to cable in years. I have a huge DVD/Blu ray collection between that and my streaming services it’s more than enough TV for me.

            I got damned sick of paying $60+/month for 3 channels I cared about that played 30% shows and 70% commercials. Sure DVR helped but for just a couple of series…I’ll just wait a year for it to come to Netflix commercial free.

            PS4 supports MKV files now too. I also was disappointed to see PS4 launch without it but am happy they relatively quickly added it. I still have my PS3 phat so I never lost the ability.

          • ..

            Sounds like money is an issue for you. Sorry about that.

            Xbox is actually great for OTA. It’s free HD quality local channels, can pause and rewind live TV. Plus a DVR is supposed to be on it’s way.

            So just out of curiosity if the PS4’s main focus was media would you still want it?

          • Allen

            Awe and we were having such a pleasant conversation.

            I’m sorry that I don’t piss my hard earned money out like you do. My parents taught me the value of a dollar. You should be ashamed of yourself. Just think about what your family would think that lived through the depression. Have some humility. $60+/month for basically worthless TV riddled with commercials… no thanks. I’d rather send a message to the cable/satellite companies.

            OTA means something to you. Not to me. The only time I ever turn it on is for football and even then I only care about a handful of games (my team and my division). It means something to you that’s cool…I mean you’re a casual so it just does mean something to you :-)

            Your question is a trick question. There’s nothing wrong with Xbox having media as a feature but the announcement of xbone media was the main focus and that is a huge problem.

          • ..

            I don’t piss it away, I don’t have a PS4 remember ;)

            My parents taught me to make something of myself and are very proud of me, especially when I pick up the check at dinner, buy them stuff they need cause I see it on sale when I’m out. I do know the value of dollar and never pay retail if possible.

            My question is not a trick, it’s bait.

            “PS4 is welcome to become ever more of a nerve center, the only way I can think of that it can do this is to become a cable box or more likely a home media server it’self (although I think it’s a bit much, connecting to my PC is perfect since I dont’ use my Playstation hard drive and I got 2 TB out there and all my music/movies/pictures/videos are all on it already).”

          • Allen

            Wow how old was that comment?

            Well like I said, I never lie. PS3 was/is already just about as much of a all in 1 media device.

            It’s just that cable pass through doesn’t mean to core gamers that it does casual gamers he he

          • ..

            You don’t lie, you have no standard, you just want whatever Sony puts it’s name on and you’ll justify till the end,

            Pretty old comment, I put a weight on the down arrow of my keyboard and walked away.
            Didn’t take too long to read all your posts, you just repeat yourself like it’s going out of style than flip you beliefs every time Sony says to. Not hard to keep up to.

            Too funny,

          • Allen

            That’s exactly right. I do repeat myself over and over, that’s because my style of “trolling” if you can call it that is to simply lists some facts and watch the idiot fanboys get into a steaming fit of rage.

            You have your trolling style and I have mine.

            I also must say that a lot of what I say to you I say just to piss you off. You completely ignored everything good I have to say about Xbox and choose to rage on the facts that just piss you off instead.

          • ..

            You think I’m mad, I have an ear to ear grin on my face every time I converse with you.

            I’m not raging or ignoring the good, I’m not going to bring up things to help you win an argument that is your job.
            You say it’s to me, but you are literally on repeat you say it to every single person again and again and again and again, and at least 1 more time after that.

            Have some credibility. Stand up for what you want. I do prefer Xbox, that doesn’t mean I think it’s perfect. I’m not going to tell the irrational fanboy what’s wrong with it though. You’ll just be like a dog with a bone.

          • Allen

            That’s funny because you act like a butt hurt little bitch every time I bring up some simple truths. If these things anger you then maybe you don’t like Xbox as much as you thought you did lmao it’s true though dude.

            It’s better to be hurt by the truth than comforted by a lie. That is the biggest problem with Xbox fans, they want to just live in this delusional little world where they think xbox is the best no matter what they are just blind as fk and will never stop riding that xbox caulk.

            I can tell you what I don’t like about PlayStation.

            PS2 – Some PS2’s shipped with a magnet too weak to spin the CD games (purple back they had CD and DVD games on PS2).

            *But I got mine fixed for free even though it was out of warranty. Just Sony proving to me that they care about their customers.

            PS3 – (A) Released a year late and at $600 and just expected everyone to jump on board (B) Didn’t bring back backwards compatibility when hardware costs went down. It would be great to go out and buy a brand new and warrantied PS3 with backwards compat. Luckily I found a really nice phat. (C) Allowed the hack to happen.

            *(A) They dropped priced as soon as they could and ended up beating 360 (B) Still mad about that but I’m a lucky one (C) They gave more than enough compensation but their name will be tarnished for a long time. Luckily gamers know better and are supporting PS4 very well.

            PS4 – Didn’t launch with some of these amazing features. Instant resume, DLNA support, MP3 support. That’s about all I can think of on PS4.

            You see I’m not afraid like you are to give ammo out. Of course I have the pleasure to hold the upper hand when it comes to problems with the consoles. Xbox we can just go on and on.

            Orig. Xbox – (A) Dropped like a bad habit as soon as 360 was here (B) Huge ugly controllers – they made an “s” for small (Japanese) but this is what was a huge improvement over the duke but basically M$ were racist and arrogant (C) All it’s best exclusives on PC. I enjoyed Halo back in the day.

            360 – (A) RROD to gain market share. It worked…Xbox made a name for themselves but it was the millions upon millions of gamers out there that suffered. (B) No wifi for 5 years (C) No blu ray (D) No browser until end of gen (even Wii had browser lol) (E) Expensive lacking feature controllers $75ea with battery pack (F) Dropped exclusives years upon years before launch of Xbone just again screwing over the consumers that purchased that POS (G) Shit compensation for 2 week downtime in 2007 (H) Paywalls to basic features once it finally got a browser and always in streaming. (I) Worthless XBL threatening all gaming and entertainment.

            Xbone – (A) Announced to TV TV TV! (B) Always online or it’s a brick (C) Kinect required or it’s a brick (D) Microsoft said themselves that they were “dumbing xbox down” (E) Total ass holes at E3 and weeks following (F) Took too long to do the 180’s (G) Their best feature is half assed (backwards compat. to see true backwards compat look at PS2, PS3 phat, Wii, WiiU & Xbox 360 – actually is 360 all orig. xbox games?)

            But Xbone is the best xbox yet and I am very happy Microsoft dropped those paywalls to basic features and are at least trying to make XBL valuable.

            I don’t think Xbox is worth it but I have no problem with other people wasting their money on it. Supporting Xbox no longer hurts the gaming and entertainment industry so I don’t care what other people do.

          • ..

            Wifi. Lol. Ya, ya whatever. Just keep flip flopping to whatever Sony tells you.

            You twist and skew info just like any other fanboy.

            At least I don’t praise xbox for doing things I say I hate on Playstation.

            You have no actual opinion. Just what Sony says.

          • Allen

            (1) I listed any and all bad things I could think of about PlayStation.
            (2) I listed facts about all the xbox platforms to date.
            (3) I even said good things about xbox.
            (4) I didn’t hate on xbox, I just listed some simple facts. Seems you have a hard time grasping this.

            You are the one with no opinion. You just want to praise Xbox all day long and live in your delusional world. I’m sorry that I have not allowed you to live like that. I think you would be better off in an Xbox only community so that you don’t have to feel so bad for yourself and your console. You can just sit there and all lie to each other all day long, I’m sure you would enjoy it.

          • ..

            I know you said good things about xbox. You described xbox almost perfectly when you said what you wanted in a next gen console. You just completely flipped it when the 2 consoles were revealed giving yourself no credibility.

            You also complain about no Wifi but you tell me you game hardwired. Which I don’t believe since only after I brought up why not to game on Wifi did you flip flop like you usually do.

            You were very vocal about how paying for online is stupid yet you don’t care now that ps4 is charging. You said Sony would never charge for online. Yet they are.
            Sure they soften the blow by giving you some games. But bottom line they are charging you to game online. Did you have PSN+ before it was a requirement for online. The answer is no.

            Companies can put up pay walls or give you free stuff or access to dedicated servers with the fee. Bottom line is I wouldn’t pay for live if I didn’t have to to game online and you would pay for PSN if you didn’t have to to get online.

            You can flip flop or justify it in your mind all you want.
            Sony back pedalled on its online subscription policy and you back pedalled right beside them.

            For somebody that try to sell so much you have no belief or conviction in what you are selling and will instantly flip flop on what you are saying because Sony said so.

            Because of that I can’t take you seriously.

          • Allen

            (1) I did not say I wanted a cable box. I said that the only thing that could make PlayStation any more of a media entertainment center would be to integrate it with cable since PS3 already had every possible media capability possible.

            I haven’t had cable for years upon years and don’t miss it a bit. Cable box means nothing to me….but it does show how knowledgeable about gaming I am seeing as how I basically predicted it (among other things like release dates & pricing).

            (2) Damn straight I complained about no wifi on 360. Wii and PS3 released with it included. 360 you had to pay $100 more for 5 years just to get the same quality and even then it was an ugly ass plug in. (While we are at it..remember the HD-DVD $100 add on! LMAO)

            I do not game on wifi, you can live in denial all you want. HOWEVER one time I did by accident because I forgot I used the Ethernet for another device. I was blown away, here I was on my PS3, router 25′ away with several walls inbetween and I was gaming online.

            No I don’t recommend gaming on wifi, but it’s a handy feature that Xbox followed suit on.

            (3) I’ve said time and time again…GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL IDIOT.


            But I trust Sony to keep it valuable, I have had PS+ since year 2 and have been nothing but happy with it.

            I was sold on PS+ when they really started delivering big and I haven’t been able to stop since. Just Cause 2, Saints Row 2, Choplifter HD, Virtua Fighter 5, Warhammer 40,000, Infamous 2, LBP 2, Ratchet & Clank all 4 one, Gotham City Imposters, The Walking Dead, Boarderlands, Double Dragon Neon, Scott Pilgrim VS the World, Starhawk, NFL Blitz, Payday, Resident Evil 5, Quantum Conundrum, Bioshock 2, Super Street Fighter IV, Retro City Rampage, NBA Jam, Megaman, Guardians of Middle Earth, Spec Ops, Joe Danger, The Cave, Sleeping Dogs, Deus Ex, Machinarium, LBP Karting, Uncharted 3, XCOM, Saints row the Third, Battlefield 3, Oddworld, Jet set radio, Hitman Absolution, Zen Pinball, ICO, Shadow of Colossus, Ibb and Obb, Boarderlands 2, Devil May Cry, Bioshock Infinite, Brothers, Metro last night, Payday 2, Tomb Raider, Batman Arkham Asylum & Arkham City, Thomas was Alone, Crysis 3, Dead Space 3

            I think you get the picture. Literally thousands of dollars of games a year for $50 subscription. I am more than happy with this service and have been since year 2.

            I never flip flop. You are just a poor dumb ass fanboy with no leg to stand on. I prove you wrong time and time again and you just keep saying the most retarded and off the wall things. I only reply because I’m having so much fun and it’s great for people to see just how in depth PlayStation gaming is. With each post you only make my position stronger.

          • ..

            Flip Flop

          • ..


          • ..

            Blue Flag

          • JTTHEGAME

            First off not all xbox one exclusives are on pc secondly even if they were xbox is still the only console to play games like dead rising 3 on and some people myself included prefer to play on console. Another point is you fanboys shortening the list of xbox exclusives as much as possible then coming up with a big list of ps 4 exclusives of only about 4 if that are worth anything. also you are critic of some xbox exclusives being on pc then put street fighter 4 in the list of ps 4 exclusives hypocritical much?

          • Allen

            You were the one talking about PS4 only having timed exclusives and I put you in your place because that was xbot bull shit lies.

            PlayStation has the best true exclusives. Xbox the only games you can guarantee won’t be lost to multi plat or at least PC is Halo, Gears and Forza which is just pathetic and not worth it at all.

            You are correct about Street Fighter, I didn’t mean to put that console exclusive on there. But I will take this opportunity to point out that PS4 is cross platform gaming with PC on Street Fighter V (and Rocket League).

            So many xbox exclusives go to PC or multi plat and that is a huge issue for anyone looking to buy a new console. As a PC/PS4 gamer I can play so much more than a PC/Xbox gamer.

            Also you would be surprised how cheap you can get into PC gaming or what little upgrades you would need on whatever you currently have to get going. It’s just a better value proposition than buying an Xbox one – paying for more expensive XBL (and less valuable), paying for Xbox overpriced accessories like $60 controller without gyro/batteries/touch pad/light bar/speaker plus $25 for a battery pack making each $85. That’s insane. My Dual Shock 4 is compatible with my PC out of the box and all inclusive $60.

          • Allen

            Oh and on top of all those amazing exclusives PS4 has it also has tons and tons of amazing console exclusives, timed exclusives, free exclusive content on AAA multi platform games and it’s far more powerful than Xbox. That’s why PS4 is ground stomping xbox in sales all across the world and in the US.

          • JTTHEGAME

            the ps 4 is not Far more powerful than xbox at all you playstation fan boys enjoy lying to yourself don’t you? the facts are third party games on xbox one and ps 4 look the same and you are not going to be able to tell the difference between them at all. timed exclusives nobody cares about xbox has started to see this so they are more focused on there own content over timed exclusives where as sony are more focused on timed exclusives.

          • Allen

            No difference between 720p and 1080p!?

            LMAO enjoy those last gen resolutions and sub true HD resolutions kid. There’s a damned big difference.

            Also many games have more detail and draw distance just like in Dying Light.

            Nobody cares about the free exclusive content? Uh Batman Arkham City, Destiny, Assassins Creed, Mad Max – you better believe that people care about the bigger and better content on the more powerful machine for some of the biggest games released this generation.

            Oh and you must be living in denial because every critic out there talks about how the PS4 versions are crisper and more defined. There’s tons of articles about how the PS4 is visually better. You are just lying to yourself and others and trying to sweep it under the rug.

            You kids need to stop spewing lies and disinformation and just accept that you chose the less powerful machine. Xbox is not worth it to me. You may settle for it but I won’t.

          • JTTHEGAME

            actually most a lot of the xbox games are 900p and you really can’t see the difference unless you plan on running the consoles side by side which no one will ever do but if they did what they would find is playstation frame rate drops due to trying to hold 1080p on games when they should lower the resolution and xbox having a nice steady frame rate.

          • Allen

            Only recently have we started to see Xbox games come in at 900p. It doesn’t change the fact that the beginning of the gen it’s taken Xbox at least a year and a half to get to still sub par resolutions and at the end of the gen PS4 will have longer legs. That’s when they truly pull all the power from these consoles.

            PS4 has very solid frame rates. You and other xbots like to inflate the frame rate issue on two games, one exclusive and the other Xbox has just as bad of frame rate (Witcher 3).

            Like I said, many games Xbox also lacks the higher detail, draw distance, AA, shadow textures ect. that the PS4 version gets.

            Look kid it doesn’t matter. Xbox is okay. You can live with 720p & 900p as standard, less content, exclusives lost to PC, less exclusives and the big possibility that Micro$oft will just drop the few exclusives it does have just like they did on 360. I’m happy that you are happy but you don’t need to lie about things just to make yourself feel better.

          • JTTHEGAME

            First of resolution does not make a game good or bad it has no barring on how good the game is to play. secondly xbox only does 1080p when it is not going to take away from the framerate because a steady frame rate is more important than having a higher resolution. PC is not a xbox competitor. if a game is on pc and xbox then xbox is still the only CONSOLE you can buy that game on so therefore it is still a xbox exclusives because there are plenty of people like me that would rather play on console than pc.

          • Allen

            (1) Having a higher resolution, solid frame rate, more details and draw distance does make a game better. It’s measurable and there’s about a million comparisons out there for you to read up on if you weren’t too busy running away from the truth.

            (2) PC is absolutely an Xbox competitor. PC is not Microsoft kid. There are:

            *Exclusives (games NOT AVAILABLE on ANY OTHER PLATFORM)
            *Console exclusives (games that are on PC and 1 console)
            *Timed exclusives (a game typically with 1 year timed exclusivity)

            PlayStation has more and better exclusives in each of the 3 categories.

            (3) You need to understand the history of Xbox and what is likely to happen in the near future. Halo, Gears and Forza are basically the only games you can pretty much guarantee won’t come to PC. Everything else has a high chance of doing so. Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Project Spark, Titanfall – all already on PC. I’d say Sunset Overdrive, Rare Replay, Recore & Quantum Break all have a high probability to be lost to PC.

            And therefore anyone with a PC/PS4 combo gets far more out of it than anyone with an Xbone/PC combo.

          • ..


          • Allen

            Awe poor ass hurt xbot that can’t handle a couple of simple truths.

          • ..


          • Allen

            Speed junkie ASUS RT-N66U

          • ..

            That’s my access point for my phone. Huge house need multiple Wifi access points. Nighthawk hardwired for gaming

          • JTTHEGAME

            I already said a soild frame rate us important its just the resolution that really is not. I would rather have 720p or 900p with a steady frame rate than 1080p with frame rate drops. it don’t matter if games go on pc as there are people who would rather play on console like myself even if a xbox exclusive appears on pc xbox is still the only console you can play it on. there are also people who prefer to play on pc so a game being on one console and pc is only good for the game as it will mean more sales.

          • Allen

            PS4 has the resolution and the solid frame rate, it also has more detail and draw distance in some games.

            Xbox “exclusives” being on PC does nothing but hurt Xbox sales and increase sales for the developer, not Xbox. PC is not Xbox.

            Sure there will be some that must have a console but then again there’s so many ways to play in the living room on a PC these days too. Xbox is just more and more invalid and with each and every step the technology takes value away from Xbox which was already sparse on the value in the first place.

            It’s okay like I said. Xbox is an okay console. It just offers the least and costs so much for what you do get. The value proposition just isn’t there for me or millions of others.

          • JTTHEGAME

            The odd xbox exclusive appearing on pc years later when some new is on the way to xbox by time it see’s the light of day on the pc does not hurt xbox sales. Your just a fanboy.

          • Allen

            What!? Do you not read? Do you just run away from the facts and hide your head in the sand?

            Titanfall, Project Spark, Ryse, Dead Rising 3 are all on PC and have been for a very long time. This is hardly “years later”.

            And apparently you forget 360 where there were literally next to no exclusives the last 3-4 years of it’s life (before the Xbone launch). Where exclusive after exclusive went to PC and no supposed exclusives came to 360.

            I don’t know why it’s so hard for you to accept these simple truths. If these simple truths hurt you then maybe you don’t like Xbox as much as you thought you did.

            I really have no problem with Xbox anymore. I love that they dropped the paywalls to basic features like internet browser and streaming services and are trying to make XBL valuable.

            I just don’t trust them nor do I see any reason to waste my money on them.

          • ..


          • Allen

            Ass hurt xbot that can’t handle a couple of simple truths. I feel for you bro.

          • ..

            Not hurt. I can afford a ps4 you can’t afford an xbox

          • Allen

            Oh that hurts, guess I’ll go cry to my PC/PS4/WiiU/PS3 phat now. Oh wait…..I have the most elite set up there could possibly be. Guess there’s no reason to cry, so I don’t have the weakest core console with 3 franchises I can’t play awe man that….doesn’t suck at all!

          • Allen

            Okay honestly I picked this up over the weekend. I wasn’t going to say anything but here it is. I haven’t hooked it up yet because I’ve been really busy. I’ll be returning it this weekend if I don’t like it though.

          • ..

            Put a post it with your name on it.

          • Allen

            Na I would never get one. That’s from a craigslist ad. Some poor kid got it but wanted a PS4.

          • ..

            Sounds about right. PS4 is for poor kids like you. Xbox is for wealthy adults like me.

            For once we agree

          • Allen


          • JTTHEGAME

            By time dead rising 3 and ryse came to pc there were newer exclusives that had come out for xbox one. project spark and titanfall are a different animal as they were always intended as xbox and pc in the first place.

          • Allen

            I guess you just have to say whatever lie you need to your self to justify your purchase. That’s why I’m here to shed a different and more honest light. You can’t call a game on PC exclusive and it’s easy to call them out just like they are (just like how Street Fighter V is a console exclusive – with PC cross platform play I might add).

          • ..

            Spewing lies I see. Casual gamers do that. How many games run 720 on xbox and 1080 on PS4.

            Whats your TV size and model as well as viewing distance?

          • Allen

            It’s easier to list the games that run in 1080p on xbox since there are so few. You can pretty much assume every multi platform game is 720p from year 1 and 900p from the last couple months with them mixed in-between that.

            I’ve got one of the best Sony TV’s of all time. What’s your TV? What’s your viewing distance? What kind of stand do you have it on? How high up on the wall? Is it wall mounted? Do I really give a shit? Do you have some fetish about other peoples shit that are better than you? Do you have an attention disorder? Are you suicidal? Do you need help? Are you vegan? Do you need a butt plug to prevent unwanted draining? lmao

          • ..

            As your usual casual self you seem to be avoiding actual Facts. You seem to be concerned about casual things.

          • Allen

            I’ll let you list out the glorious 1080p games that are on Xbone if you wish. I couldn’t give a shit. It’s never been a better time to be a PlayStation gamer.

          • ..

            I was looking for games that run 1080p on PS4 and 720p on Xbox, like in the lie you spewed above.

          • Allen

            Then you aren’t looking very hard. Even when Xbox wasn’t 720p it’s usually still sub HD at 900p with very few exceptions of reaching 1080p and even then many (like Dying Light) are not true 1080p but only Dynamic.

            Look kid, it doesn’t even matter. Like I keep saying Xbox is an okay system, it’s just the weakest “core” system, many of it’s exclusives are on PC with free online play, M$ will prob. drop all exclusives like 360, XBL isn’t as valuable, Cable pass through means nothing to many and it has little to no exclusive content. It’s fine if you want to settle for that, I have no problem with what you do with your money.


          • ..

            I understand but even with very large version of the highest rated tv ever made with an abnormally close viewing distance with 20/20 vision the difference between 1080p and 900p is barely noticeable. And re That is fact. You can find charts that show.

            So I’m not sure how all these guys with POS tv’s that display 720p half the time anyway can tell me they can see the difference. Cause they can’t.

            That’s why I asked you tv model size and viewing distance. I’d put money on it your TV runs at 720p or less most of the time. To know that tv’s did that though you’d have to do more than read the box ;)

            Resolution is 100% dependant on TV size and viewing distance to matter.

          • Allen

            Why would the TV’s be displaying 720p? I mean I know PS3 sometimes you had to go into the settings to get a 1080p display (for the games that supported it) but my PS4 has always went straight to 1080p.

          • ..

            For a kid that claims to be an expert on things like resolution you don’t know much eh.

            Well, until the past couple years most tv’s didn’t have the processing power to support the entire picture changing at 1080p. So if it was an action scene and basically anything more than people talking they would drop resolution. Only higher end tv’s maintained 1080p. It was often advertised as full time hd.

            Panasonic for example uses 10 processors and breaks the parts of the picture up. They call it 600hz. But it’s 10 60hz processes. Making for smooth high quality 1080p.

            See I’m a tech junkie know about more than just consoles.

            My point being the very small amount PS4 is better than Xbox is irrelevant given most displays suck. My xbox on my high end professionally calibrated display looks way better than all my friends PS4s on their POS tv’s. And I’m sure that’s the case with 95% of PS4 owners. While a PS4 might look slightly better than an Xbox on my display. My xbox most likely looks better on my display than your ps4 on your display

          • ..

            The source is almost never the weakest link when in comes to pq. So the difference between the consoles is irrelevant 95% of the time cause the picture sucks regardless

          • ..

            Guess display tech knowledge is over your head so you just ignore?

            I know the casual gamer would probably forget to take his display into consideration when the kid is beaking off about things like resolution. Find it quite funny that you didn’t know TV’s dropped resolution. You might find it even funnier to find out a huge number of HD TV’s aren’t 1080p at all. Even though they display 1080p in the info bar.

            Still haven’t got even a size of your TV and viewing distance. You would think you would know that info.

            I can even link you actual Facts, different than Allen “facts”

          • Allen

            Bla bla bla I’m fking busy today douche, life isn’t all about you ya know. I don’t fking care about your bull shit shit and I’m fking busy.

            My TV shows what the resolution input is and has always defaulted to 1080 for PS4 input and 720p for PS3 input and then switches to 1080p for video. My god you are one desperate for attention needy little fk aren’t you?

            Also I doubt you about your resolution claims. You have yet to provide one link for any one of your lame claims.

          • ..

            What it displays in the info bar and what they screen outputs are ot the same thing. That’s the input. I have an old 480p TV that will say 1080p in the bar. I have another old panny that is 768p that will say 1080p in the bar. Since you probably run junk. Flip to a hockey game next time it’s on. Watch the background it’ll probably go video compress like crazy and look all pixelly.

            Too funny that you spout all this crap about how 1080p is soon much better than 900p but you don’t know the facts about display.

            TV size and viewing distance please.
            You probably won’t say cause I’ll make you look stupid as usual.

          • Allen

            Not true, my display shows as I change the output. I have control and can go back and forth.

            Doesn’t matter how you try to spin it. PS4 is simply more powerful and all of it’s games look and run better than Xbone. Sorry your ass hurts over it.

          • ..

            You don’t know what you are talking about as usual.

          • ..

            Dropping resolution probably isn’t the best way to describe it. That’s why you think the input resolution has something to do with it. The source is not the issue. It’s not actually dropping resolution to a given 720p say. The TV can’t process the entire image fast enough, so pixels get dropped. and it appears as blur, creates artifacts. creates similar effects to what you see in video compression.
            Just crap picture quality overall. It’s really, really obvious in cheap plasma TV’s and appears as motion blur in LCD.

            My point being the differences between consoles are easy negated by a low quality TV. Where a pro with a high end professionally calibrated display will pick up on it. 95% of people couldn’t tell the difference in a side by side their TV is so crappy.

            So again, TV size, viewing distance and model, please. :) Not sure how you don’t know the model TV you have. Can’t really call yourself a tech person if you don’t know your gear. I know every model number of every TV, receiver, speaker, and source equipment in my house off the top of my head and there is a lot of gear in my house.

          • Allen

            Damn dude you have some serious issues. You are not my life, sorry that I didn’t give you enough attention.

            It’s less of a busy day and I had a chance to look up my Amazon order. KDL-55W900A. It’s got really great deep blacks, shadow and gamma details, low input lag and high color performance.

            I also have a heavy ass Magnavox that was the shit back in the early days of flat panel TV’s and a cheap one in my boat house, I saw no point in going big there but it’s pretty good for the money I can’t remember what brand it is sorry.

            Viewing distance hell I don’t know. I never measured it out and there’s places to sit all around the place. Honestly I still game front and center and will watch a movie from anywhere including bringing a mattress out so who the fk cares man.

            Sorry I’m not some low life with nothing better to do than memorize all the electronic model numbers in my house. No wonder you are looking for so much attention.

            No amount of imagined technical know how will save the masses opinion AND FACT that Xbox is the weakest place to play core games. First person shooter, action, RPG, MMO, RTS, Co-op, Platform all of it – Xbox is the worst place to play.

            That’s not to say it’s not an okay to place to play. I didn’t say that. I said out of PC/PS4/Xbone the Xbox is the weakest and offers the least.

          • Allen

            I’m not some low life that’s hung up on all my electronics and have every model number memorized. I have a life, I do things, I like to be active and get my game on.

            I have more time today than yesterday and looked up my model number in my history for you. KDL-55W900A. It’s a fantastic TV. Very nice blacks, shadows and gamma detail. High color and low latency.

            I also have a bad ass Magnavox from back when flat panels first came out and a cheap one on my house boat (don’t remember the brand).

            I don’t give a fk about the viewing distance. I game front and center and watch TV from all over the living room.

            *Edit – not sure what happened to my original comment.

          • ..

            I have a life. Just lots of time. Only worked like 10 hours in September.

            That’s a pretty good TV if it’s what you actually have.

            Edge lit and small though. 1080p not needed. Won’t drop resolution though

          • Allen

            I included an image of my order history just in case you doubted and yeah it’s a damn good TV. 55″ is far from small, honestly it’s almost too big for me, like I said I sit front and center so sometimes I’m just turning my head too much to see everything. Not sure what you are trying to say about resolution.

            Even with a lot of time I don’t think I would have all my product models memorized.

            A lot of successful people went to Real Estate around here before the financial crisis. Man so many people I know just went ape shit broke and they had so much money before so good luck with that (if you are telling the truth).

            We make tons of money off our website with two more in the works and that is just like free freaking money. You do the website about something you enjoy and just generate traffic if you put the BAM into it (SBI term). We’ve branched out and are making damned good money from Amazon now too but it’s all just from free information. I just love it, we go watch a movie, check on how much we made and it’s been well over $200 before. Up to $1000 in a day and that’s with us not touching a website (other than updating calendars and adjusting home page for what’s new) and we didn’t touch it for a year and that’s just one website.

            If I can get these others to take off I’ll be vacationing 24/7. The only problem is no broadband out on the lake.

          • ..

            I have boarder line photo graphic memory. I remember large amounts of information in great detail. I still remember my friend phone numbers from when I was a kid. Even if I haven’t used the number in 20 years.

            I vacation quite a bit. Most of my friends work real jobs.

            I live in Vancouver Canada. We didn’t even blink during your American depression.

          • ..

            Sony and best tv don’t usually go together I could see how a casual wouldn’t understand but unless you have a full array Led it’s junk. And given what I’ve gathered you can’t afford full array led in Sony.

          • Allen

            Vat!? You can’t beat a KX-27HF1. That’s what I game on.

            I can’t remember what the model is but I’ll look it up for you. It’s the best damn thing I’ve ever seen, sure was expensive enough. Sony and Samsung are pretty much unbeatable.

          • ..

            Panasonic ZT60 is actually the best as rated by many including CNET. Happen to have a 65″ in my media room. Secondary gaming in my living room is a 55″ VT60, only a slight downgrade from the ZT60

          • ..

            Incase you were wondering
            cnet com/products/panasonic-tc-pzt60/

          • Allen

            I honestly don’t care but thanks. Did you look up the KX-27HF1? lol

          • ..


          • Friendly Reminder: Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming to Xbox One.

          • Allen

            I should have been more specific. Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue is PS4 exclusive. Kingdom Hearts 3 will be the first installment that will also be on xbox.

  • jlahoud

    I don’t believe any crap that Patcher invent..can’t believe that the gaming media still refer to him…he is wrong most of the time…who do you think he is..a psychic?

  • SinCitay

    Couldn’t care less !! What I do care about is how Fing gorgeous Forza 6 and Gears of War are. And Cobalt and Halo 5 arrive next month followed by Gigantic and Tomb Raider. Add backwards compatibility and a brand new windows 10 UI and Dx12 games. And then the gorgeous 2016 games. I say its a damn good console generation !

    • Revolver Ocelot

      Another FuckzaFailEver alt.

  • B c

    I only play offline and will never let my kids go online either.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Overstated Xbone and understated PS4 numbers tbh. Xbone is dead outside North America.

    • sheepboy

      Pis4 weak exclusives are dead. Mental sheep boy delusional again. Go play turdclub and the odor and wait for uncharted at 20fps. Pis4 blows.

      • Name

        Bloodborne single handedly destroyes anything on Xbox.

        • Panda7x

          Hmmm considering its the only decent exclusive it has and ps4 cant manage to run it above 13fps in coop…its just a lonely solo hacknslasher. Frame rate embarrassing in coop. So no…its a nice single player game but a mediocre overall experience. Halo. Gears, forza 6, horizon already offer more replay with single player, coop and full multiplayer all done perfectly. And the new Xbox IPs…oh my.

          • DrumStickNinja

            Another idiot xbot defending 3 freaking games. LOL Xbox has almost nothing. PlayStation shits all over xbox in AAA multiplat, AAA exclusives & Indie exclusives. Everything PlayStation is far superior to it’s xbox counterpart and that my poor misinformed friend is why PlayStation is kicking xbox’s ass in all territories even the all mighty US!

            You can’t accept it thats your problem but PS4 has been handing this ass handing out to you for the last two years and there hasn’t been a damn thing Xbox has been able to do about it. I think that speaks for it’s self.

          • Panda7x

            Pal…its ok. Don’t be so angry. What I said was true, go read digital foundry on its coop frame rate. I buy a console to play the games I like with my friends in coop and multiplayer…certainly not to track sales numbers. Xbox ones exclusives are the best for me period. There is no debate. Stay calm and hopefully you get games that you like. Oh and you seem to have some anger issues…recommend getting help or maybe an Xbox one…its got better games.

          • KaiS79

            Them ps4 hardcore types get a bit angry when you talk game replayability and exclusive quality dont they ? Strange folk.

          • Revolver Ocelot

            Why do you keep infesting threads with your alts, talking to yourself and upvoting your own comments, FuckzaFailEver?

          • KaiS79

            Who ? Upvoting your own comments – sounds like some ps4 freaks i know that infest Xbox one articles upvoting themselves. You know extremeDerp and Revolver Ocelot. Wait…thats you !

          • Revolver Ocelot

            You’ve got at least four alts in here, all who type the same way as you do and all of them voting for each other. That’s better evidence than your conspiracy theory, FuckzaFailEver. Crawl away. :)

          • Ravi

            Pal…you are the biggest self upvoting, alternate account using idiot on the internet. Hypocrite ?

          • Revolver Ocelot

            At least five alts.

            Put up or shut up, FuckzaFailEver. Now’s the right time to stop digging that hole. :)

          • revolver ocelots alt#215

            Yeah !

          • Revolver Ocelot

            You’re melting down, Xbox chimp. Go take some deep breaths and have a walk, there’s a good boy. :)

          • revolver ocelots alt#215

            What is an alt ? How would one know what an alt is ? Why am I in every article shilling ? I need help.

          • Revolver Ocelot

            You noticed how this Panda7x fool keeps talking to himself in the exact same style with different account? You’d think he’d have the self-awareness to shake it up a bit to make it look a little different, then you remember that Xbox fanboys don’t have the intelligence for that.

          • ?????

            More opinions, DumbDickNinja. :^)

          • ..

            Is it Vizio good?

        • ..

          I’ll agree with you but it is up for debate. Very good game. My question is why don’t PS4 owners buy it? It’s got ok sales. But sales factoring install base it isn’t doing very well.

      • Revolver Ocelot

        Another dull FuckzaFailEver alt.

  • Panda7x

    Thats a long generation, like 11 years. Seems kinda overstated on both.

  • The Master

    Michael Pachter, this guy is garbage why does any one listen to this guy. For a analyst who said consoles will be obsolete by 2017 he sure is singing a different tune.

  • ..

    I think he’s right on the numbers. The only reason we are seeing such huge sales numbers now is because the AAA console gamers were over due for an upgrade. Plus a bit of hype in the mix. Wii U numbers are down because they are more casual gamers and their upgrade came a bit too soon.

    I predict Xbox and Windows PC will become an ecosystem more like Apple but With a more steam like experience with console optimization. While Sony and Nintendo hash it out for the more casual game only world.

  • Damian

    It should be a good generation for gamers and i see lots of great games coming. Please tell these moronic fanboys below to stfu. So tired of this fan boy crap. Revolver Ocelot is in every article shilling,dude must not have a job.

  • TheStog


  • Guest

    I just don’t see how the Wii U will double it’s current base with the new console coming. How can it make up what it did in the last 3 years in just 1-2 years with just Star Fox and Zelda? I see it at around 15m.

    I just don’t see XB1 getting anywhere close to 100m. I just think feel that MS might want to cut it short just like they did with the 360. When the original xbox was getting outsold by the PS2.
    After 2 years the XB1 would be close to 19m. I think if MS makes another system they’ll bring it in 2017-2018. If we continue the same trend it could be around 45m. I think it’ll be around 50-60m lifetime.

    The PS4 would be around 75-80m by then. Feeling the pressure from MS they may go on 2 years before going with the new console. So that’s why I think they’ll end up at around 120m or so.

    So for me its Wii U 15m, XB1 55m and PS4 120m.

  • GamerWho

    110 million Xbox Ones? I’ll believe it when I see it. and only 20 million Wii U’s? Pachter really does begrudge Nintendo.

  • Luke Glossop

    Everyone needs to get a life I am fed up of seeing you twats argue when both consoles are nearly the same it all depends on the preference of what games you like and where your friends are I am on Xbox but I like things on the PlayStation as well if I could afford a good pc a I would just get one as you get the best of both worlds and avoid you immature little twats grow up.


    Michael Pachter? I’m out.

  • Holeybartender

    Since Microsoft has NEVER released sold-to-consumer sales numbers,just sold-to-retailers and combined sales with 360 sales,its hard to trust any prediction from anyone.This being Pachter speaking,I wouldn’t put much stock into anything he says.

  • AussieGamer

    PS4:130-150 million
    Xbox One: 50-75 million
    Wii U: hmm IDK

  • Donovan Tull

    I think they underestimate Wii U sales. Don’t get me wrong, it’ll be bad for Nintendo, but people vastly underestimate the recovery Nintendo has made. They’ll probably sell a fair bit more than that, depending on when NX is released. If 2018, I’d estimate a total of 30,000,000 consoles sold. NX needs to do better though- while Wii U only actually made Nintendo have losses in 2013, and the other years have been profitable, a better gen for sales is well deserved.

  • Alexi

    Why do people keep reporting his predictions? This guy has been wrong on so many things, whatever he says is worthless.

  • Hermione Granger

    “Patcher also made a prediction that this is the last time we will see proper consoles.”

    good to hear its coming to an end. the publishers/developers greed, arrogance and exploitations of the gaming community is worse than ever. so i am eagerly awaiting its end, then i can quit and start finding me a new hobby to spend my money on. because cloud/streaming/digital rental gaming is garbage and the prices will go up and up… its never gonna get cheap.