Apex Legends Players Think LSTAR is the Game’s Worst Weapon After Nerf

Uncertainty towards putting a damper on an under-used energy weapon.

by Weilong Mao


LSTAR EMG has received a nerf following a recent patch in Apex Legends, and players are having a hard time discerning why that is. The newest season for the Battler Royale, titled Saviors arrived onto the Outlands just a day ago. Featuring a variety of different content for the player’s perusal. The patch introduces the Defensive Legend, Newcastle, who can protect his allies while dragging them to safety, his shield deployed to guard him and his teammate.

The other thing of note is the adjustment to characters, weapons, and equipment implemented with the latest patch 1.95 in Apex Legends, with significant nerfs to Spitfire and Devotion, and helmets offering more reliable protection against headshots. Amongst those adjustments are changes made to the LSTAR EMG, an energy weapon that’s generally seen limited community reception except for the time when it was altered significantly back in 2020, which with time saw gradual nerfs until the current day.

The community reaction towards the LSTAR changes was one of confoundment, where people questioned whether or not it was something that felt justified. A subreddit post on the matter sees numerous users speculating as to the reasons why the LMG saw such adjustments. Some assumed this nerf was due to needing to account for Arenas, the PvP team dueling mode of the game. Others suggested that the LSTAR has always seen a track record of being buffed and nerfed at different intervals, with this being one such occurrence.

The gun’s slow bullet speed has always made it clunky to fire, meaning players have needed to lead their shots while shooting with the weapon to consistently down opponents. The top-rated comments in the thread point this out, talking about the obscurity of the gun, and the lack of players using it or wanting to use it in the first place. The most speculative of all the responses, however, involves previous leaks for the game.

Data miners have supposed uncovered a unique hop-up for the game that has yet to release, which gives the gun the ability to fire off explosive rounds. If this is true, then the nerfs that are being made now serve as a precaution toward the potential power spike that the gun could receive with its attachment equipped. Whether or not this is the reason for the LSTAR nerf in Apex Legends remains to be seen. As the hop-up has not been officially released despite being talked about and found in in-game files back in season 11.

Apex Legends is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.




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