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Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 4: Nature’s Power Adds New Druid Class

Transform combat and dialogue with beastly forms

by Joshua Garibay

Larian Studios hosted Panel From Hell 2, divulging details about the “biggest update yet” for Baldur’s Gate 3. Although we don’t have the full patch notes for Patch 4: Nature’s Power at the moment, we were given insight certain included components, primarily the exciting addition of the Druid class.

The Druid class, which comes with either the Circle of the Land or Circle of the Moon background, marks the first new class to arrive in Baldur’s Gate 3 during its Early Access development. As expected, the Druid will be able to take on various animal forms, including a polar bear, raven, and dire wolf. Even more than those listed can be seen in action in the trailer above.

In addition to shaking up combat encounters with “over 30 new spells and abilities,” cinematics have been touched upon to open up Druid-specific instances. This should make for unusual interactions when the Druid in your group initiates a conversation while still in their badger form.

Patch 4 has given extra attention to cinematics by tweaking other areas, such as lighting. The second-most alluring inclusion in the update is the option to use loaded dice. Those that have found themselves rolling Nat 1’s back-to-back in critical dialogue moments can enable the new option to avoid being ravaged by an unfortunate RNG streak. However, the feature does not extend to combat encounters.

Larian Studios has not provided a release date for Patch 4. CEO Swen Vincke mistakenly stated the update was dropping today, but he quickly retracted the claim. Nature’s Power is arriving “soon.”

We will share the “biggest patch notes ever forged in the fiery pits of Larian” for Baldur’s Gate 3 when they become available.

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