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Battlefield 4 devs have interesting ideas on how to use the cloud

by William Schwartz


There’s no shortage of good ideas to implement into the Battlefield franchise, according to DICE’s Patrick Soderlund.  While one of those big ideas for Battlefield 4 was the dynamic weather.  It might be a stepping stone for future weather features in the Battlefield series.  Apparently, DICE might be trying to implement real-time weather in Battlefield games.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, EA’s Patrick Soderlund explains that there is no shortage of ideas at DICE.

“What if we had servers where it pulls in just things as simple as weather and day time from the local area. If the server is in Stockholm and it’s sunny, what if the map is sunny, too? What if it’s snowing and dark in Moscow? Okay, let’s have the servers there playing snowy and dark maps. You look at the possibilities and realize you can do so many more things in the cloud-enabled world than we couldn’t do before.”

DICE probably isn’t working on implementing any of these new features into their game at the moment.  They’ve had their hands full over the past few weeks with the troubled release of Battlefield 4 on PC, and the choppy launches of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game.  Though once things get squared away for these players, perhaps we’ll see something like this down the line, or incorporated into the Battlefield Premium content.

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