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Battlefield 4 Live Stream will feature multiplayer at E3

by William Schwartz


Battlefield 4 is undoubtedly one of EA’s biggest games of 2013, and E3 will see it’s fair share of Battlefield 4 news. A June 10th press conference has already been revealed to hold the first glimpse of multiplayer footage of Battlefield 4, but EA has also announced that they’ll be streaming “live multiplayer matches, complete with commentary” during the games expo.

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer will be revealed on June 10th

So if you’re in the large majority of Battlefield 4 fans that will not be making the trip to E3, you’ll still get your fill of Battlefield 4 goodness. In a recent spotting by VG247, a post on the Battlefield Blog revealed the new details.

“E3 2013 will feature hours of Battlefield 4 multiplayer footage; both at the special EA event on June 10th and streaming live from the E3 showroom floor where we will be inviting attendees to play and compete in Battlefield 4 multiplayer.”

The post goes on to offer more details about the Battlefield 4 Live Stream during the show. “Not coming to E3? No problem. You will be able to catch live streams of the entire E3 experience, including extensive footage from live, unscripted multiplayer matches, complete with commentary.”

EA did not offer exact dates, times, and locations of where you’ll be able to catch these Battlefield 4 Live Streams, but we’ll be sure to update when they do. Attack of the Fanboy will be at E3 to give our hands on impressions of Battlefield 4 multiplayer.

DICE has gone radio silent regarding Battlefield 4 details in the weeks following the game’s reveal, though not entirely. Recently, DICE confirmed an official release date for Battlefield 4: October 29th, 2013. As far as in-game Battlefield 4 footage, the last we’ve seen is the intense “Fishing in Baku” trailer that EA and DICE revealed back at the Game Developer’s Conference.

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