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Battlefield V is the Next BF Game, to be Revealed Next Week

DICE's shooter heads back to the present or future...maybe

by Kyle Hanson


After some naming tricks with last year’s Battlefield 1, which followed the release of BF4 in 2016, many wondered what the next title in EA and DICE’s popular shooter franchise would be called. Now we know, it will be Battlefield V and an official reveal is right around the corner, coming on May 23rd.

The news comes straight from EA who has rebranded all of the official Battlefield channels in celebration of the upcoming reveal of Battlefield V. They’ve also put together a quick guide on how to watch the reveal event, which is scheduled for 1pm Pacific Time, 4pm Eastern on Wednesday, May 23rd. The livestreams have already been posted and scheduled, so you’ll be able to watch in all the usual ways. What will you see? Well, that’s the big question now.

With the series moving their numbering forward it indicates that we won’t be battling in the past again. WW1 was the surprise setting for BF1, and it’s looking like we’ll leave it behind in 2018. Could BF5 take place in the future, or will it stay within the present or near future that we’ve seen from other Battlefield titles? Unfortunately, we just don’t know yet, but will only have to wait a week to find out.

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