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Bayonetta 2 Gets Off To Slow Start In Japan

by Dean James


Nintendo shocked the gaming community a couple years ago with the surprise announcement that they were partnering with Platinum Games to bring us Bayonetta 2 exclusively on the Wii U. While the game isn’t out for another month in the US, Bayonetta 2 released in Japan on September 20, but the game is off to a slow start sales wise.

According to 4gamer, Bayonetta 2 has sold 38,828 copies since release, which greatly pales in comparison to the original’s sales that didn’t even manage to get a sequel without Nintendo’s help. According to IGN, the PlayStation 3 version alone sold 135,242 while the Xbox 360 version sold 64,325 in their first weeks. Between the two consoles, this meant a combined sales total of 199,749 in the first week. Granted that is a full week rather than only four to five days like the totals being reported on Bayonetta 2 have been.

The biggest obstacle for the Wii U is the install based of the Wii U being nowhere near what the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 were back in 2009 when the first game originally released. Perhaps with the Wii U getting another game to add to the roster with Bayonetta 2, it will help sell consoles and be more of a slow burn in sales.

Look for Bayonetta 2 to release in the US in just under a month on October 24.

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