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Bayonetta 2 Will Feature Rodin As Playable Character In Online Co-Op

by Dean James


With a release over over a month and a half away in the US, Nintendo decided to hold a new Nintendo Direct that was exclusively focused on Bayonetta 2, due to its impending release in Japan. We already told you about the reveal of the Star Fox costume for the game, but that was far from all, as we also learned of one playable character we can expect to use in the game’s online co-op mode.

Tag Climax Mode is the game’s online co-op mode where you fight enemies and try to best your teammate in high score. We already knew that Bayonetta and Jeanne were playable in this mode, but now we also know that “the master of the shop and the gates of hell” Rodin is joining the mix as well. Fans of the original game certainly know who Rodin is and he will be back in the game’s main campaign as well. Rodin definitely looks like he will pack a punch in battle alongside Bayonetta and Jeanne.

Considering the way this mode is, it would seem likely that there could be more playable characters that have just yet to be revealed, so we’ll have to wait and find out once the game releases in Japan in a few weeks. Otherwise, look for Bayonetta 2 when it releases in the US on October 24.

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