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Bioware Reveals Key Art For Anthem

Bioware reveals artwork for upcoming online role playing game.

by William Schwartz


One of the most highly anticipated games set to release next year, Bioware’s Anthem is likely going to have a big showing at E3 2018.  Just a few days away from the show, the developer has revealed key artwork for the game.


In a note from the studio they reveal the new artwork and details regarding upcoming videos for the game on their Facebook page.  Once again, they’ve also confirmed that the release date for Anthem will be early-2019 and that the game would be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Anthem is a big game for Bioware.  A name that used to signal quality, the release of Mass Effect Andromeda and the overall quality of that game led to the name being a little bit tarnished.  Anthem will certainly be a departure from the norm for the studio.  Anthem has been described as a game that moves away from the traditional RPG mechanics that Bioware games has had and moves it into something that’s been likened to Bungie’s Destiny.

The studio has managed to keep pretty quiet about the game all year.  Following last year’s reveal only a handful of news items have crossed our desk, which have seemed to set-up the game as something that still relies heavily on story while also being online-centric.

We’ll soon have a better understanding of what Anthem actually is as E3 2018 is just days away.  Until then, you’ve got this key art and a short tweet from the developers with a tiny teaser video to hold you over.  Bioware says that the full Anthem trailer will arrive on June 9th.

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