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Blizzard Files Trademarks For Potential Expansions To Their Properties

by William Schwartz


It seems that Blizzard might have something under their sleeves for Blizzcon which is set to take place in a few short days. A recent trademark has been filed for things that sound a lot like potential Blizzard expansions. One can only hope we hear about it soon.

It seems a poster on the MMO-Champion forums has uncovered a trademark filing not only for the previously filed ‘Overwatch’ but something new called ‘Eye Of Azshara’. A few people on the forums tend to believe that ‘Azhara’ is the next expansion for Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft whereas a few feel that the link between them is slim and feel that ‘Eye Of Azshara’ is most likely an already in development World Of Warcraft expansion that has been for the past year.

Overwatch could likely also be a World Of Warcraft expansion as well, but here I am, hoping that one of them turns out to be a Diablo 3 expansion. Either way, it would be extremely interesting if they announce a World Of Warcraft Expansion before Warlords Of Draenor is even released. It is also very unlikely given Blizzard history. Players will more than likely hear about the upcoming Starcraft II expansion Legacy Of The Void more than anything.

Blizzcon takes place over two days starting later this week on November 7th. Hopefully something will be announced at the convention.

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