Attack of the Fanboy

Blizzard lays out plans for Diablo III updates

by William Schwartz


Through a combination of hotfixes and client patches, Blizzard plans on keeping a close eye on the balance of Diablo III.  The developer has already discovered that there were a handful of skills that were “more powerful than they should be,” and have applied hotfixes to tweak their impact in the game.    While its always difficult for players to adjust to game changing tweaks like these, Blizzard doesn’t want Diablo III players to be worried about hotfixes “lurking around the corner every day.”

“Part of the enjoyment of Diablo is finding those super-strong builds, and we want players to be excited to use something they discovered that feels overpowered,” says Blizzard.  However, the developer has found that there were some builds that were simply too powerful and affecting the game in unintended ways.

“Inferno is intended to be extremely difficult, but with some specific skills, a few classes were simply able to progress far more easily than intended.”   “When it comes to making game changes, in general, our intent is to react quickly to critical design and balance issues, bugs, and other problems that seriously conflict with our design intent through hotfixes,” said Blizzard in a recent post on the Diablo III blog.


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