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Bo Jackson Coming To Madden ’15 Ultimate Team For Free

by William Schwartz


Those who have been waiting to play as the legendary running back Bo Jackson in their Madden 15 Ultimate Team have to wait no more.

Raiders fans have something to celebrate as for the first time in franchise history, Bo Jackson is available to play in Madden. He is available for a limited time by simply signing into the game or the mobile app and going to Ultimate Team. Players will be rewarded a unique Rookie Bo Jackson card with a limited time stat boost. Also added is a unique Bo Jackson solo challenge in Ultimate Team that players can play through.

The promotion runs from December 22nd to January 1st. So you will have a very limited window to get Bo Jackson for your deck, but when you do he is yours forever. It’s great to see Tiburon and EA add cool little additions to the game months after release like this. Hopefully more will follow suit.

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