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Bungie Embraces Peter Dinklage Destiny Meme, Creates T-Shirt

by William Schwartz


Destiny has to be one of the most talked about games coming out of E3 and with the Alpha releasing right on time with it one couldn’t blame that fact. The aftermath though seemingly is about Peter Dinklage’s involvement to hilarious effect.

“That Wizard Came From The Moon!”

As recently reported, renowned actor Peter Dinklage’s Role was criticized following the release of the Alpha on Playstation 4. The Emmy winner voices The Ghost in the game and was also in the E3 trailer. He is an amazing actor in my opinion and maybe he just isn’t being challenged.

Nonetheless, Bungie have released a limited edition T-Shirt with the now infamous line “That Wizard Came From The Moon!” It has quickly become the best-selling item among their current inventory according to Bungie and their recent tweet below. Fans will want to pick this up just for sheer humor and the fact that it might some day become a collector’s item among the Bungie elite. So if you are looking to buy it visit the Bungie Store.

Destiny is set to release in open Beta in July on Playstation 4. The full game is set to release on Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 in September.

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