Bungie Job Listings Reveal an Unannounced Live-Service Project in the Works

What is Bungie cooking up behind the scenes?

by Noah Nelson

While Bungie has had its hands full with Destiny 2 since 2017, especially with Lightfall coming up, the company has posted more job listings for an unannounced project. Rumors about this unnamed project have circulated the internet for a while now, but nothing concrete has been disclosed either from Bungie or dataminers.

With the new job listings, we can say with confidence that Bungie’s unannounced project will be a live-service game. There are many job listings for Destiny 2 as well as this unannounced project, and many of the descriptions for the unannounced project jobs, while vague, give us clues as to what this next game could be.

A word that is used frequently to describe the unannounced project in these job descriptions is “enduring.” In the Systems Designer job listing, the description gave even more away. Here, it said that the unannounced project would have “progression, monetization, live events, and more.” Now if that doesn’t scream live-service I don’t know what does.

Bungie’s Destiny 2 is a live-service game that has remained extremely popular to this day. With the beginning of the end coming up with Lightfall, we aren’t sure if Bungie is slowly creating Destiny 3 or if this unannounced project will be a new IP entirely.

There have been rumors in the past about Bungie secretly working on a title called “Matter.” It was speculated that “Matter” was going to be set in a fantasy setting and may be a third-person experience. Since Bungie is known for Halo and Destiny 2, two of the best first-person shooter experiences to date, we doubt that their next project will be third person. But, we could be wrong.

Since Bungie is now owned by PlayStation, they now have the backing to explore with a new IP. Whether they make Destiny 3, a new fantasy IP, or both, we are excited to try whatever Bungie has in store because we know they make great games.

- This article was updated on January 20th, 2023

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