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Chrono Trigger Director Wants A “High-Quality, High-End” Version Of The Game

by Mike Guarino


The classic Super Nintendo RPG called Chrono Trigger is considered by many to be one of the greatest video games of all time, and now the game’s director has given some brief thoughts on bringing the game back in some form.

The game’s director, Takashi Tokita, recently spoke to Game Informer about the classic game, where he revealed that the game was a perfect blend of two prior RPG franchises. He said “It’s probably considered sacred since the companies merged. It was essentially a dream mix between Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest; creating or exceeding what it was in its original form is a very difficult feat.”

While the conversation eventually resulted in talks of the game being remade, Tokita actually said that he would like to see a remake that was “high-quality, high end” like a movie production.

Chrono Trigger originally launched for the Super Nintendo in 1995, before eventually being brought to platforms like PlayStation, Nintendo DS and mobile devices. The game got one semi-sequel in the form of Chrono Cross in 1999, though the third game called Chrono Break never got off the ground. A fan remake of Chrono Trigger was recently shut down by Square Enix.

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