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Crytek Lawsuit Threatens the Future of Star Citizen

by Kyle Hanson


Star Citizen has been the most successful crowdfunding campaign of all time, generating over a hundred million dollars for a game that is still a ways from final release. A new lawsuit brought by CryEngine creator Crytek might threaten that final release though. According to the lawsuit, Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games has violated agreements and owes Crytek money. They are seeking a total injunction against the game, which would essentially kill it entirely.

The suit is wide reaching and has a lot of elements to it. One of the biggest is that Star Citizen has been split into two different releases. There’s the main one that allows players to fly spaceships around a massive galaxy. Then there is the FPS component, Squadron 42, which has grown enough to sort of become its own game. Unfortunately, Cloud Imperium Games only paid for one license, so Crytek is arguing that this is a violation.

There’s more to it though, including that the developer supposedly promised to advertise for CryEngine, but has since renamed the engine for the game to Star Engine. Things like this could be used to hit Star Citizen and cause serious trouble for its developer. Of course, we’ll have to get the other side to this story and see how the courts feel about all of this before we start getting really worried.

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