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Danganronpa V3 Demo Out Now in NA and Europe

by Jose Belmonte


Danganronpa will be back with its third entry in about a month, but fans and casual players can get a glimpse of what the game offers with a demo that has been released hours ago on the North American and European PlayStation Store for PS4 and PSVita. The demo showcases the different stages of the game, offering a brand new case not included in the final game, so everyone can play it without fearing to get spoiled.

In the demo players control Kaede Akamatsu, a girl who was in her way to school, but suddenly lost conscience, and woke up in a sort of center for ultimate students. Greeted by a familiar face, Kaede has the chance to say hello to all her other classmates and to know their personal stories, before finding out the body of a student that has been murdered. As usual in the series, this discovery kickstarts the chain of events leading up to the class trial, with students having to investigate all the clues that could reveal the culprit.

Once in the class trial, the demo lets players to try out the new minigames that serve as tests to prove theories and find out new clues about the investigation. Some of them are directly taken from previous games, with some tweaks to update them, but others are brand new.

The save data from the demo can be used in the final game in order to get some sort of bonus, so it is very recommended to play it for anyone who will eventually pick up the game. And if you want to know more about the new characters, NIS America has been posting special trailers reviewing their backstory.

Danganronpa V3 launches for PS4, PSVita, and PC on September 26 in North America, with European PlayStation users receiving the game on the 29th.

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