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Second Batch of Danganronpa V3 Characters Presented

by Jose Belmonte


NIS America has released the second entry of the “Ultimate Roll Call” trailers, which introduce us to the cast of Danganronpa V3. The new group of suspects include the Ultimate Anthropologist, the Ultimate Aikido Master, the Ultimate Maid, the Ultimate Child Caregiver, and finally, another one of the Monokuma Kubs.

In Danganronpa V3, a very particular group of characters have been trapped together in a mysterious location where they are forced to play a macabre killing game.

Korekiyo Shinguji is the name of the Ultimate Antropologist, and he responds to the Danganronpa stereotype of a character with a very unique understanding of human beings. He has traveled the world studying different cultures, until developing a very particular idea of the “beauty of humanity.” For that reason he keeps observing his classmates, finding beauty in the most unique situations.

Tenko Chabashira is the Ultimate Aikido Master, and she is also an extreme androphobe, to the point of referring to all men as “male degenerates.” Kirumi Tojo is known as the Ultimade Maid, and has gained a reputation for fulfilling to perfection any request made of her, except from individuals she considers as corrupts. Maki Harukawa’s title of Ultimate Child Caregiver is a little ironic, as she can’t actually stand children. She was imposed the task of caregiving in the orphanage she grew up in.

Finally, Monophanie is the only female member of the Monokuma Kubs, and doesn’t deal well with violence and gore, as depicted in the image above.

Danganronpa V3 launches on PS4, PSVita and PC on September 26 in North America, and September 29 in Europe. Check out the new trailer below. And if you missed last week’s trailer with the first group of characters you can watch it here.

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony – Ultimate Roll Call #2 (PS4, PS Vita)

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