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Dark Souls 2 not coming to PS4 and Next-Gen


It looks like From Software is content with squeezing Dark Souls 2 into the tail-end of this generation, and despite next-gen announcements, have no plans on offering the game on the PS4 or Next Xbox. If so, it would’ve taken them a lot longer to get the game out, explains Yui Tanmiura in a recent interview.

Right now there’s no intent to have Dark Souls on Next-Gen

Speaking with CVG, “We wanted to deliver something to fans as soon as possible,” the developer explains. “We still feel there’s potential and ability for us to express a little bit more than what we did with Dark Souls, even on current-gen consoles. We hope to stay on current console, but express a little bit more, and elaborate on what we were able to communicate with Dark Souls… Right now there’s no intent to have Dark Souls on next-gen.”

Yesterday, the first screenshots, gameplay details, and video arrived for Dark Souls 2. In case you missed them, head here for a first look.

Dark Souls 2 is expected arrive in late 2013, but could possibly arrive next year.

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