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Dark Souls – The Board Game Kickstarter Ends With Over $5 Million Raised

by Dean James


While starting off as merely a niche series with crushing difficulty, Dark Souls has quickly become one of the most popular franchises in mainstream gaming. Coming off the release of last month’s Dark Souls 3, a Kickstarter began for a Dark Souls board game that was a success right out of the game, and now that campaign has ended with much more funding than their initial goal.

The official campaign from Steamforged Games started back on April 19 and quickly reached its initial goal of around $70,000 in just three minutes. This was no huge surprise based on the rabid fanbase that Dark Souls has amassed in recent years, even with it being a board game.

According to IGN, the campaign had reached $2.9 million just 10 days before the campaign was over, so you would have thought that would have been about their max, as the majority of backers on Kickstarter campaigns seem to jump in at the start since they are not charged until the completion of the campaign anyways.

However, the Dark Souls – The Board Game Kickstarter had a phenomenal ending, and as of completion, they raised over $5 million. For those that wanted to get in on this and forgot or are just hearing about it, they are still accepting late pledges as well, which you can do on the official Kickstarter page for Dark Souls – The Board Game.

The current estimated delivery for this game is April 2017, so we have a little under a year to wait, but we have faith the wait will be very worth it based on the detail it looks like is being put into this game.

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