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A Deleted Scene from Mass Effect 3

| April 10, 2012

A Deleted Scene from Mass Effect 3 News  Mass Effect 3

A deleted scene from Mass Effect 3 popped up on Reddit today, and it features Commander Shepard and Ashley Williams having a deep talk about death and the afterlife.  While scene was left on the cutting room floor, it was likely due to its religious nature, and Shepard’s response to Ashley’s questioning about what happens when you die.

According to Shepard, there is no afterlife in the Mass Effect 3 universe.  That probably would have stirred up the mainstream media, while gamers were too busy wondering about Mass Effect 3’s ending sequence.

Have a look at the deleted scene below.


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  • Terramine Light

    In all honesty, I am curious at what point he said there was no afterlife? Even if there was an afterlife, it would require your “soul” to separate from your brain, correct? This would mean anything that takes place in the afterlife would not be remembered, because your brain wasn’t there in the afterlife with you. Your brain is what stores memories.

    Now there is some very obvious logical deductions you could make that would be quite persuasive that there is no afterlife. But even so it’s still a possibility that there is an afterlife, and alas even if Shepard did go to the Afterlife he most certainly couldn’t have remembered it. Also there is still the possibility that Shepard is still in the afterlife, and the Shepard you play as is a copy. It doesn’t even have to be an imperfect copy, as long as the brain shut down long enough for the soul to go to the afterlife, and then the brain got turned back on forcing another soul to be created just like child birth.

    This is all coming from an Atheist who does not believe in an afterlife mind you. I’d ultimately just like to point out this deleted scene most definitely did not get removed because of controversy.