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Destiny 2 PC Can Have Different Weapon Balance, but Won’t Until Necessary

by Kyle Hanson


With any multiplayer focused shooter like Destiny 2 balance is the key to continuing to get players to come back to the experience. Even though the majority of Destiny 2 is spent in PvE encounters, the PvP Crucible is a key part of the game, and players want to be sure that they’re getting a fair chance at victory each time they load it up. With this in mind the release of Destiny 2 PC puts a lot of questions into potential buyers heads, like how the game might be different with a mouse and keyboard.

I go into that extensively in my preview, but there’s more to it then just how it feels. Switching from a controller to K&M really changes the way the game plays and how Guardians will approach it. The weapons are controlled totally differently, so that will inevitably create situations where a gun works better on PC than it does on PS4 or Xbox One, so how will Bungie handle this?

Some of the developers behind Destiny 2 PC answered this in a roundtable Q&A session at the PC preview event. Asking how they might potentially handle balance shifts within the PC build, such as hand cannons becoming more of a factor, they explained that this is something they’re looking at, but not ready to implement any changes for yet.

“Our goal was to have as much common ground as possible, explained Destiny 2 PC lead David Shaw. “That said, with PC we did do a bunch of work to make it that we are capable of diverging where we need to. So we’re able to think through those things independently, and make those calls. So we could do that (referring to introducing unique updates to balance the PC version), but it wouldn’t be correct to say that we want to or intend to. But we have that capability if it’s the right thing for the game.”

So don’t go looking for specific changes, updates, or balance shifts for Destiny 2 PC, but the team is ready to implement them if there is a problem that needs fixing. Destiny 2 PC hits on October 24th, 2017.

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