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Destiny 2 Will Have A “Continuous Calendar Of Events” And “Meaningful” PC Features

by Mike Guarino


The first Destiny game from Bungie certainly launched with its issues, with a lack of content being the biggest problem that resulted in many getting bored fast. While expansion passes that came further down the line ultimately remedied these issues, it still resulted in large gaps where there wasn’t a lot of new content to keep fans interested.

With Destiny 2 on the horizon and Bungie and Activision learning a lot from the first game’s development, it looks like they’re going to do everything they can to avoid the issues of the first game. Activision recently held an investor call where the game was brought up, and they revealed that the game will have a “continuous calendar of events following the expansion pass.”

As for what this expansion pass will include, there is currently scheduled to be two major pieces of content that will be released as a part of it. The first part will release in Winter 2017, which will then be followed by the second part in Spring 2018. Pricing information hasn’t been released yet.

There’s also some promising news for those who plan on playing the game on PC, as the publisher teased that there will be “meaningful features” for fans to look forward to. They didn’t give any other details regarding what those features would actually be, but it’s at least good to hear that they’re apparently doing more than just offering the console version on PC. Destiny will mark the first entry in the series to be available on PC, so hopefully it’s able to leave a good impression for the newcomers on that platform.

Destiny 2 is set to launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on September 8th. Despite still having relatively little information on the game, we will be getting the official gameplay reveal on May 18th.

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