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Destiny The Iron Banner No Different than Regular Crucible According to Fan-Videos

by Kyle Hanson

One of the big elements that made Destiny’s The Iron Banner Crucible event special was that it was supposed to apply your usual level advantages in PvP. In regular Crucible modes these increased stats are dialed down so that, for example a level 4 character is able to be as effective as a level 25 character. The Iron Banner was supposed to be different though, making all of those hours you put in to get your high level character pay off in the Crucible for the first time. However, two new videos are making the rounds that seems to show that this is not true.

In the videos Youtube user OohaPieceaCand y explains that he is playing as a low level character, beginning at level 4 in the first video and leveling up to 6 later on. Even though he is matched up against high level characters, many above level 25, he is still able to dominate the game. Theoretically, if level advantages actually were being applied, there would be almost no way for a level 4 character to go up against a level 27 character at all, especially when he is using the starting auto-rifle as he is in this video.

The differences would be too great, and the level 4 would simply be killed before he was able to put up a decent fight. That isn’t what happens in the videos though. In the second video, where he has leveled up to 6 just from playing the last couple of matches, OohaPieceaCand y is able to get 15 kills while only dying 3 times against a much higher level team.

Apparently Bungie’s community manager David “Deej” Dague replied to the user’s question in the most recent mailbag. This means there should be a full explanation in the next Bungie Weekly Update. His preview of the response stated “Power Matters, but so does skill.”

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